Kristina Shirley Breaks Silence on Amber Portwood Drama

Kristina Shirley Breaks Silence on Amber Portwood Drama


“Teen Mom OG” star Kristina Shirley was finished remaining quiet about her feud with her husband’s ex, Amber Portwood.

Teen Mom OG star Kristina Shirley was finished remaining quiet about her feud with her husband’s ex, Amber Portwood. Kristina had refused to sit on the same couch as Amber, but once the Indiana native exited her interview with ex Gary Shirley, Kristina took her place.

“Honestly, Leah and I have a wonderful bond just like my other two daughters,” she told Dr. Drew Pinsky. “There’s no difference.”

Dr. Drew asked if Kristina, 33, could relate to Amber feeling threatened by their relationship. “My oldest daughter has a stepmother and I courage that relationship,” Kristina told the celebrity doctor. “The more people that love her, the more people that care for her the better.”

Kristina was most hurt that Amber claimed Gary cheated on her. “I would definitely say it had to do with her allegations with Gary,” Kristina explained about what stung the most. “Saying that he cheated on me with her. That really hurt me. She could’ve come to me personally to discuss those issues but, I know Gary didn’t do anything so…”

Gary Explained What Kicked Off Their Feud

Things had been great between Gary, Kristina and Amber up until she saw the first episode of Teen Mom OG. Amber didn’t like that Gary said he had gone to her house every day for a week to help her with chores. She was also incensed that Gary and Kristina referred to her as their teenage daughter.

“Those two comments set her off and then she started going online saying ‘they’re two-faced’ and then everyone started saying negative things to Amber,” Gary explained to Dr. Drew. Amber, who has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. She’s an advocate for mental health awareness and in the past has stayed away from Instagram, but started going on Instagram rants once Teen Mom OG resumed this year.

According to Gary, she reads all the comments that people say about her and was upset that people think Kristina is a better mother to Leah.

Dr. Drew added Amber probably feels Gary and Kristina haven’t done enough to “deflect” Leah back to her biological mother. “I don’t know,” Kristina said. “I think it if was up to Leah she would throw the towel in.”

Why Kristina Doesn’t Want to Forgive Amber

Dr. Drew asked Kristina while she wasn’t willing to talk things out with Amber. She reminded him that Amber never apologized to her for her accusations, although she texted a mea culpa to Gary.

“Honestly, I am still kinda hurt by the accusation,” Kristina told the host. “She has never once come to me to apologize… She texted him an apology.”

Gary admitted that it was hard for him to have a relationship with Amber after she tried to destroy his relationship with Kristina. “It’s like inviting a snake in,” he told Dr. Drew.

Gary added that he just wants Amber to be happy and healthy, but that she struggles to accept Leah has a close relationship with his wife. “I feel she is jealous of the relationship Kristina has with Leah,” he said. “[She’s] seeing someone else taking care of her daughter.”

Teen Mom OG has finished airing for the season, but don’t miss a new round of Teen Mom 2 when it airs Tuesday, May 4 at 8 p.m. Eastern time on MTV. It’s the first time viewers will see TM2 without Chelsea Houska, though they welcomed Ashley Banks to the new season.

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