Kundali Bhagya, Latest Episode 11th February 2022 Written Update, Preeta Misbehaved With Everyone – What We Know!

Kundali Bhagya 11th February 2022 Written Update

The most recent episode of Kundali Bhagya begins with Prithvi asking Luthra to to not tense and the physician giving an injection to Mahesh as he feels good. They won’t let something occur with Mahesh sooner or later. He make perceive to Dadi that they fought in opposition to docs.

The physician suggests they to confess Mahesh in a psychological asylum. Preeta asks him why is he doing this as he cares for Mahesh. She says that due to him, Mahesh is affected by this stage. She asks him what’s his plan. Prithvi says that she all the time blames him.

Karan asks him to speak rigorously with Preeta. He makes him reminds that she is his spouse and the proprietor of Luthra’s mansion. Prithvi says that everybody is aware of which form of human is Preeta. Karan warns him that don’t say a single phrase in opposition to Preeta. Kritika reminds everybody that Prithvi is a son-in-law of this home.

Karan is about to scold her however Preeta interrupts and says that she doesn’t need anybody’s respect. The Medical doctors come out of the room and ask them to maintain Mahesh within the basement. Preeta asks the physician if they are going to hold within the basement so, how can they take him in the true world. He says that he would have killed Mona as we speak and it occurred due to the household’s carelessness.

Physician suggests they hold Mahesh within the basement in any other case, he’ll ship him to a psychological hospital. Prithvi assures him that they are going to hold Mahesh within the basement. He will even deal with that he is not going to assault at anybody.

He asks Luthra to not take pressure of this as a result of he’ll deal with the whole lot. The physician leaves the home. Preeta says that she has bored with this common drama and goes in her room. Kareena says that she will’t consider that Preeta is behaving like this.

Natasha thinks that she has been trapped right here due to cash. She calms herself and praises herself for enjoying the sport with everybody. She says that nobody is aware of about her actual plan and she or he needs Luthra to let love her so she will lure them.

On the opposite facet, Preeta remembers the phrases of the physician and thinks that if Mahesh is regular so, why physician stated this. Janki and Shrishti come there and Preeta tells that Mahesh behaved usually within the celebration of Lohri.

Janki tells that she noticed how Mahesh attacked Mona. Preet says that one thing occurred mistaken. Karan additionally comes there. Preeta asks him if he appointed this physician later. He tells them that he is aware of the physician and why is she asking this. He says that he appointed this physician as a result of he can’t threat Mahesh’s life. The Episode Ends.