Kundali Bhagya, Latest Episode 24th February 2022 Written Update, Preeta Reveals to Dadi and Srishti – What We Know!

kundli bhagya

Right here we’re again with the newest episode of Kundali Bhagya begins with Karan shifting Preeta accuses Mona of poisoning her meals in an try and kill her. she fired Mona from her job. Mona and Prithvi haven’t anticipated this. Prithvi doesn’t doubt Preeta’s plans and thinks that Mona has misplaced her thoughts and he or she tried to behave over-smart.

Preeta says that Mona is a hazard to her household and he or she can’t come again to this home and now she can’t take a look at Mahesh. Then she asks to physician to inform her if he has any drawback, Physician tells that she has no objection, she was going to inform Preeta to fireplace Mona from the job who just isn’t true to her work.

Mona is incorrect proved by Preeta and will get her out of the home. Physician Helps Preeta. Karan needs to be with Preeta and he needs to help her and defend her. Then Preeta tells Bi Jee and Shrishti that she blended the poison within the salad herself. Shristhi has complimented Preeta’s appearing expertise, however she is shocked that Preeta had taken a danger in her life to get reach her plan.

Preeta tells that she can’t take any likelihood as a result of Prithvi may be very good and he’ll save Mona simply if the report didn’t present the outcomes she needed. Bi Jee and Shrishti are angered to find out about Preeta’s silly transfer.

The physician tells that Preeta is saying the reality, she has been Poisoned by Mona. Preeta discloses the reviews. she scolds Mona for doing incorrect. she says that she is aware of Mona did this, she asks them to examine Mona. The physician tells that she has to present an anti-poison injection to Preeta first. Prithvi wonders if Mona has accomplished this with out telling him.

Karan checked the reviews. The physician provides the injection the antidote to Preeta. Bi Jee asks Mona why did do that. she threatens the police. Preeta tells Bi Jee to not name anybody. she tells she needs to finish the matter right here. then Bi Jee tells them she needs to show a lesson to Mona. Shristhi tells to stoop so low. Preeta sings Shrishti to not name, then Shristhi thinks why Preeta is stopping them from calling the police.

Preeta has different plans, Shristhi asks Bi Jee to take heed to Preeta first. Preeta tells that now she feels good after the injection. She tells the physician to say Mona’s crime within the report. She tells her to examine Mona’s purse, she can be having the poison along with her. Mona denies having any poison. Preeta tells that they may examine her purse.

Mona replies that she is going to get her purse checked. Preeta tells her to not go alone. She discloses the reality of Prithvi and Mona to make Mahesh extra insane. She is glad that her plan didn’t fail, and now Mona is out. Shrishti praises that Preeta proved as soon as once more that she will be able to do something for the household.