Kundali Bhagya, Latest Episode 25th February 2022 Full Written Update, Preeta Feels Dizzy – What We Know!

Kundali Bhagya 25th February 2022 Written Update

Right here we’re speaking about Kundali Bhagya. This serial may be very well-known amongst folks. This present may be very attention-grabbing and entertaining. This present going nicely with nice TRP. This present comes on the ZEE TV on a tv. The upcoming episode begins with Srishti saying that Preeta can do something for Luthra’s household however she mustn’t have put her life at risk.

Preeta tells she is okay now. Srishti asks Preeta why did you do that to show Mona incorrect, It’s such a dangerous means. Preeta tells she didn’t discover some other means. she tells them now Mahesh can go away the basement and now Rakhi can even be comfortable.

Srishti tells her that Prithvi is unhappy now. Preeta says that she doesn’t need to take any danger along with her life to shut Prithvi’s plan. Srishti says to Bee Ji that we should always go away now. Preeta asks them to remain to have fun Mahesh’s birthday. She tells that she is ready for others to tell have fun Mahesh’s birthday then Srishti tells Preeta that will this plan fail as a result of if nobody asks her then.

Preet tells her she can’t present, she loves Mahesh so she has to attend for it. Then she goes to make tea for everybody. Srishti was shocked that what Prithvi will probably be doing now as a result of Preeta destroyed his plan. she tells Bee Ji that he gained’t keep silent so they need to be prepared for his assault.

One other aspect, Sherlyn scolds Natasha for not stealing the poison from Mona’s purse. Natasha tells her that Karan was along with her so what can she do. Sherlyn tells her that she will be able to say however she will be able to’t do something. she says that she ought to have gone to the basement.

Natasha tells her that she doesn’t need to tolerate her nonsense. Preeta comes there and says that it doesn’t appear like Natasha is Sherlyn’s sister. Then Natasha tells her that she has many qualities, not like Sherlyn.

Sherlyn tells Preeta don’t intrude in her private life. Natasha tells that the latter doing incorrect issues solely like firing Mona from the job. Preeta says that Natasha is irritating and goes from right here. Sherlyn scolds Natasha as a result of she is arguing with Preeta. she tells that if Mahesh turns into high quality then it may be an issue for them. she is going to save herself in some way however Preeta will throw out Natasha from the home. Keep tuned for extra updates.