Kyler Murray, Cardinals Fans Petition for New Uniforms [LOOK]

Kyler Murray, Cardinals Fans Petition for New Uniforms [LOOK]

Kyler Murray Shares New Uniform Concept on Instagram

Pro Bowl signal-caller Kyler Murray has been an open book when it comes to his distaste for the Cardinals’ uniforms. “No, I don’t like our uniforms,” Murray claimed during a Twitch live stream last March, via @CardsAvenue. “They’re outdated.”

Fast forward approximately one year, and the former Heisman Trophy winner has once again ignited talks on the uniform front, sharing a throwback concept on his Instagram story.

Fans Start Petition for New Look

Murray clearly struck a chord with a Cardinals fanbase that has been eager for a new look for quite some time — so much so that an online petition has begun to pick up steam. While Twitter user @Bio_1209 (the creator of the uniform concept Murray shared to his Instagram) may only boast 60 followers, his petition calling for new Cards uniforms has garnered north of 1,560 signings at the time of this article.

While we personally side with the idea of reinserting the Pat Tillman-era look in weekly rotation, the creator took a far more modern, yet streamlined approach on his home and away uniform concepts.

Locally-based azcentral opted to get in on the action, putting up a Twitter poll asking fans if the Cardinals need new uniforms. The resounding answer? Yes.

The good news is the Cardinals have clearly heard their fans’ outcry for a change. The bad news, it doesn’t sound as if they’re capable, nor willing to make alterations at this time.

The fact of the matter is, Murray is right. The team’s uniforms are outdated. There’s a reason why they readily rank within the bottom of every outlet’s uniform power rankings. For instance, the Cards’ unis came in at No. 31 amongst the 32 NFL teams in USA Today’s uniform rankings last April. The only team to rank below them? The Washington Football team pre-logo change… enough said.

Fansided’s Aarron Van Buren believes it’s time for the organization to start listening to the opinion of their franchise signal-caller as well as their devoted fan base, as they are clearly in the majority.

“If your starting quarterback is sharing these pictures and basically telling you to change your uniforms, you change your uniforms — Murray is choosing to listen to the fans calling, and they’re loving it,” Van Buren wrote. “For those who say that a fans can’t make a change in a franchise, then I will present them with this ongoing development and rest my case. Get it done, Cardinals.”