Leah McSweeney Nose Job Photos: Before & After Plastic Surgery

Leah McSweeney


Leah McSweeney

New season, new Leah!

While watching the upcoming season of “The Real Housewives of New York,” some viewers may notice that star Leah McSweeney looks a bit different. In September 2020, McSweeney announced that she had gone under the knife for a nose job.

At the time, McSweeney spoke about the experience on her Instagram story. “People are DM’ing me like crazy inquiring why I have black eyes, and asking if I got a nose job, asking if I got beat up, I am not trying to hide anything from anybody,” the RHONY star said. “I got a rhinoplasty and a septoplasty. I could not be happier.”

Since getting the surgery, McSweeney has taken to Instagram to show off some photos of her new nose. This is what McSweeney looked like before surgery, during the Season 12 reunion:

And, here is what the star looked like after the procedure, in October 2020:

McSweeney Is Honest About Having Plastic Surgery

When McSweeney took to her Instagram story in September 2020 to talk about her nose job, she also maintained that she would always remain honest about whatever procedures she was getting. “I’m just never going to be one of those b****** that pretends it’s not work, it’s contour makeup because that’s f****** weird,” McSweeney said at the time.

In December 2020, McSweeney also revealed that she had gotten a breast augmentation in a since-deleted Instagram post.  “As I lay here for days recovering from my Xmas boob lift and augmentation (yes it’s a skims velour suit and it feels like heaven) all I can wonder is how the f the Kardashians find the time to recover from all their work,” McSweeney wrote in the Instagram caption, which was captured by Heavy at the time. “The other thing is…I can’t wait to show off the new and improved girls.”

McSweeney Said That She Would Let Her Daughter Get Plastic Surgery One Day

Even though McSweeney’s daughter, Kier Marie, is 13 years old, the star is open about her procedures with her daughter and would allow her daughter to go under the knife one day, too. “If it made sense and if it was going to improve the quality of her life for whatever reason,” McSweeney revealed to Us Weekly in January. “I mean my daughter’s drop-dead beautiful, but if there was something in the future that she wanted to do, I can’t even imagine what it would be, but it’s, like, case by case.”

While speaking with Us Weekly, McSweeney also explained that it can be difficult for young women to grow up in a world full of Instagram models and social media.

“It’s more about looking at these images on Instagram,” McSweeney told Us Weekly. “It was about social media — that post that I did. We know that people, very famous people, put pictures of themselves on Instagram and that is not what they look like in real life. It’s wild. And they also say that they’ve never had surgery. So young women think that some of this stuff is natural, like, they look like this, and they don’t, and that’s a problem.”

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