Leah McSweeney Slams Scott Kluth on ‘WWHL’

Leah McSweeney Slams Scott Kluth on ‘WWHL’


Tinsley Mortimer (L) and Leah McSweeney (R).

Leah McSweeney didn’t hold back during an interview with her fellow “Real Housewives of New York.” The ladies sat down for a chat with Andy Cohen on “Watch What Happens Live” in which he read a fan question that involved former “RHONY” star Tinsley Mortimer.

“What do you all think of Tinsley and Scott splitting?” Andy asked, reading the fan question from a card. Andy called on Leah to answer, saying that “she’s probably closest” to Tinsley.

“Well, I don’t want to say anything too bad about him because he might come after me with lawyers,” Leah said with a laugh. “I think it said a lot more about him and his character, and I’m happy that Tinsley is free and that she dodged a bullet, really,” Leah responded.

Ramona Singer chimed in and said that she “didn’t like” that Scott went to the media to announce the split, saying that it was up to Tinsley to announced that, “not him.” Ramona was referring to the statement that Scott gave to People magazine after he and Tinsley parted ways.

“After 14 months of engagement, Tinsley and I have ended our relationship and we have been living independently for the last few months. This was an incredibly difficult decision, but it is one that I believe is best for both of us. I will always care about Tinsley and I sincerely wish her happiness and success in all that she does in the future,” Scott told People.

Here’s what you need to know:

Leah Would ‘Love’ for Tinsley to Return to New York

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The second part of the question that Andy read aloud was about whether or not the other “Housewives” would like to see Tinsley back in New York.

Adding to what Ramona said,Leah shared that she’s not thrilled with how things ended between Tinsley and Scott, and said that she would “love” for Tinsley to return to the Big Apple.

“He absolutely had no regard for her feelings or her life, and she left New York and gave up so much to be with him, and I would love for her to come back, and I hope that she does,” Leah said.

Leah didn’t elaborate too much, and it’s not clear if she was insinuating that she’d like Tinsley back in New York City or back on the show. Tinsley first joined the “RHONY” cast in 2017, but left the show when she decided to move to Chicago — the city that Scott calls home.

“Doing a reality show with all these strong women, it is really the best therapy you can ever have. You are just in this intense world. It is your life, but amplified and so intense … There are these strange hierarchies on the show and these fourth wall issues that come on to camera. You have to be on your game and to be strong,” Tinsley said on the “Reality Life” with Kate Casey” podcast back in October 2020.

“When I joined the show I was at the lowest point of my life, I was so humiliated. I had been in a relationship that was awful. All of a sudden the script was flipped on me basically, the way the press was portraying it … It might have seemed like the wrong time to join a reality show, and be part of it but for me it seemed like the absolutely right time because there was no place to go, and to be in New York,” Tinsley added.

There Are Rumors That Tinsley Wants to Rejoin ‘RHONY’

Although Tinsley hasn’t officially announced any plans to move back to New York City — or to give reality television another go — there are rumors that she does want to return to “Housewives.”

Sources told Page Six that Tinsley is “begging” to return to the show. At the same time, Bravo sources claim just the opposite, firmly denying that Tinsley has reached out. Nevertheless, fans seem to want Tinsley back on “RHONY” — and, as the saying goes, “anything is possible.”

“They really do want her back — it’s very heartwarming. They have created countess memes … about how they want her back on the show. Having supportive fans like that is really comforting when you go through such a heartbreaking life situation,” a source told the outlet.

Going with the “anything is possible” mantra, it’s also possible that Tinsley and Scott will reunite in the future — this wouldn’t be the first time that these two have split and gotten back together. However, there does seem to be something final this time around.

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