LED Light Therapy Masks for Your Best Skin Ever (2021)

The Luma LED Skin Therapy Mask is a great pick for a light therapy mask budget buy. At under $100, it would blow your entire budget, and you still get a lot of features for your money. It is a hard plastic mask, but it goes on comfortably and attaches with a soft nylon elastic strap. It does plug-in and has a cord with a remote. 

It includes 150 medical grade LED diodes that produce 7 different tuned wavelengths of light energy (a fancy way of saying 7 different specifically tuned colors for 7 different kinds of therapy). Again, there’s the most scientific backing behind blue and red light therapy, but there’s some evidence behind yellow, and green, and a bit of the other colors as well.

Well, this Luma LED Skin Therapy mask can do all those color therapies, as well as light blue, or “cyan,” which is meant to “reduce skin tension,” white light, which is meant to “provide relaxation and anti-aging effects,” and “purple” which is meant to help with lymphatic drainage.