Lil Cuete Death | Is Lil Cuete Dead – Popular Rapper Who Sings “When I Die” is not Dead

Lil Cuete Death

Lil Cuete Death – Popular rapper, Lil Cuete has passed away at the age of 35-year-old. This is Fake, Please disregard every information stating that he is dead.

Lil’ cuete is from Inglewood, California. He colaborates with LA hip-hop scene. He represent Surenos. Realesed 4 Albums between 2006-now. Lil Cuete was born in 1984 into a gang infested district of west Los Angeles.

His Family is a 3rd generation Chicano and his grandfather (the original Cuetero) and his uncle (Mr. Cuete) have handed down his legacy as a Lil Cuete in his varrio. The hard knock streets of L.A. are where Lil Cuete learned to survive and rise above gang violence through his music. With 4 LP’s to his credit, since 17 years old, Lil Cuete has built up a loyal following of fans who understand street life because they live it. Lil Cuete is a big influence to many young rappers and to fans worldwide !

Growing up
Born : may 07 , 1986
Hometown / Birthplace : west – side Inglewood!
Growing up for Lil Cuete was hard . When he was just 7 years old he was already experiencing the gangster
life . His mother , father , grandfather , uncle , and brother were also affiliated in the sureno gangster life . Which was a bad example for Lil Cuete growing up . As you can see , thats where he got his acts of being a gangster ; his family . Lil Cuete grew up on a tough neighborhood ! The fact of an 8 year old going through his first drive – by was really tramatizing for him ! Lil Cuete was a strong little boy though . He’s seen it all ; dead bodies , shootings , stabbing , rapping , etc .

Going straight to the top
Soon after he was 17 years old , Lil Cuete got his first record label with his formie homeboy chatto , chicano rappers industry . Cuete created his first album “still walkin ” that album sold to an amount of 1.73 million dollars . Soon after people started hearing Lil Cuetes music and name , many record labels came in the picture . Lil Cuete decided to say with chicano industry . He soon after released his third album “walk with me ” and got as many hits as the first 2 albums!! Lil Cuete is still coming out wit some new shit so stay tuned !

Commercial Success
Around his neighborhood , Lil Cuete , as he called him self then began building a reputation of becoming a famous , well – known chicano rapper . After many rappers and R & B artists heard of Lil Cuete , they started to ask hi to be the featuring artist in their next song . Such as , Mary j . Blige , Aaliyah , Tupac Shakur , Eazy – E, James Booker , and even the one and only Biggie Smalls ! ( his inspiration rapper ) He soon came out with many songs with all the artists listed BOVE .

Troubled times
However success and wealth hardly brought Lil Cuete peace . His biggest influence brought hime peace , his grandmother . Wgen his grandmother passes away , Lil Cuete just couldnt belive it , but to this very day Lil Cuete’s inspiration is still his grandmother , in his eyes.

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