Lions’ Dan Campbell Makes Awesome Statement About Detroit

Lions’ Dan Campbell Makes Awesome Statement About Detroit
Dan Campbell


Dan Campbell coaching the Dolphins in 2016.

Dan Campbell hasn’t been shy about professing his love for the Detroit Lions or the city in which he inhabits, and recently, he made another powerful statement proving that as the case.

In a video clip from the Lions’ new Inside the Den series, a snippet of Campbell making a visit to a Ford truck plant is shown. Campbell is asked to speak to the workers, and as expected, he doesn’t disappoint whatsoever in terms of landing the message.

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Campbell talked a bit about what he hopes to bring to the city and what makes it so special to him, and hit on several of the same awesome notes he’s talked about recently.

He said:

“This is a unique place and anybody who’s an outsider who looks outside in, the first thing they think is what you shouldn’t about Detroit because they don’t know. They don’t know s*** about it. Adversity is just a word, that’s all it is. It’s not something that holds you back. That to me is this community. This is a place you want to raise kids. It’s the place that man, if we ever could create a winner which is why I’m here, excuse my language, f*** the weather, but you’ll want to be here. You build a winner here, people will want to be here.”

The hope is the Lions can build the winner just like Campbell suggests and that folks will flock to the team and the city, and in listening to the coach, it’s not a stretch to say the team has the right motivation in order to get that done.

It’s rare to see a coach who comes to town and embraces the city like Campbell has, but fans have to absolutely love his passion and fire. He speaks like a person who’s been born and raised in town, which helps his overall appeal

Dan Campbell’s Motivational Statement

After being introduced a few months back, Campbell lit into a soliloquy about the city of Detroit and what his vision is for the mindset and makeup of the team. The commentary was second to none, and may have been one of the best opening statements a new coaching hire has made in quite some time.

Here’s Campbell preaching to his new city:

Kneecaps? Toughness? Grit? Detroit getting put back on the map? This speech hit all the bingo cards for Lions fans, Michiganders and Detroiters alike. Campbell’s speech was real and from the heart, and while some might laugh about the message or delivery, it’s clear he’s serious about wanting to build a team that can win for the city.

Passion knows no bounds with Campbell and he will stop at nothing to get the team pulling in his preferred direction. That is something Lions fans have to absolutely love, and it’s something that he continues to show.

Dan Campbell Embodies ‘Detroit vs. Everybody’ Mantra

If the Lions were looking for a coach that gets the city as well as its hopes and dreams, Campbell is clearly that guy. The delivery of the message was spot on, and now that he confirmed it was simply for a targeted audience and not to generate any type of social media buzz, it will likely only be more legendary for Lions fans. The city’s sports fans wear a chip on their shoulder since they never receive any respect nationally. In Campbell, they have a guy who understands that and doesn’t seem to care.

Lions fans simply have to love that fact, and have to love him talking up their city.

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