Lions’ Dan Campbell Shares Funny Family Reaction to Rant

Lions’ Dan Campbell Shares Funny Family Reaction to Rant


Dan Campbell coaching for the Dolphins.

Dan Campbell made some major headlines when he took the Detroit Lions job for what he managed to say, and the message even had some in his own family questioning his sanity.

Campbell, however, is sticking to his guns. As the coach explained, the message was intended for the team and the fans, even if it ended up resonating with the whole country perhaps accidentally.

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Speaking with the Rich Eisen Show, Campbell was asked about the now-legendary rant, and as the coach said, he had members of his own family giving him the business after the quote about biting kneecaps ended up going viral.

He said:

“I may have heard from a few members of my family and my friends. Look, they know who I am. It’s just me. I’m kind of a passionate guy and speak what’s on my mind and what I feel and sometimes I get going, and it’s just me. It is what it is, you know what I mean? I was just trying to set the tone, that’s all.”

It’s safe to say the tone was set by Campbell indeed, who has also proven himself as a major advocate for Detroit by blasting its haters and someone who is never shy about standing up for what he believes in and making a powerful statement.

Even though his family knows that, some had to give him a hard time over the passionate press conference. In the end, that’s how families are.

Campbell Explains Kneecap Rant Meaning

Joining Good Morning Football, a few weeks after the rant made headlines, Campbell was asked about the now-legendary opening presser and if it was something he cooked up. As he said, he didn’t realize until he watched later the violent nature, but he was merely excited and in the moment. It was also a special and targeted message.

Campbell said:

“I would say this, now I was thinking about things but more importantly, no offense to anybody else who’s outside of this community, my message was for our players and for our community for Motown. That to me was who I needed to reach. It wasn’t about, no offense, everybody outside of this community and I’m trying to reach New York and Dallas and Los Angeles. That didn’t mean anything to me. I knew that this was the community that I was speaking to. I felt like I wanted them to have a piece of me, and I wanted them to know that I get it. I know this, this place needed hope. I needed to give it to them. I needed to give them something. I speak from the heart, I’ve always been that way, I speak to players that way. It’s just kind of who I am.”

The message was received loud and clear by Lions fans who were excited following the press conference and speech, and likely have a much better feeling about Campbell as their head coach after having met him than when it was revealed he would be taking over last week and few likely knew who he was or understood him.

It’s clear Campbell understands his new city and fans quite well.

Dan Campbell Embodies ‘Detroit vs. Everybody’ Mantra

If the Lions were looking for a coach that gets the city as well as its hopes and dreams, Campbell is clearly that guy. The delivery of the message was spot on, and now that he confirmed it was simply for a targeted audience and not to generate any type of social media buzz, it will likely only be more legendary for Lions fans. The city’s sports fans wear a chip on their shoulder since they never receive any respect nationally. In Campbell, they have a guy who understands that and doesn’t seem to care.

Lions fans simply have to love that fact, and have to love Campbell’s brutal honesty always showing through. He’ll be good for some excellent soundbites.

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