Lions Projected Near NFL’s Bottom for 2021 Wins

Lions Projected Near NFL’s Bottom for 2021 Wins


Kerryon Johnson runs against Houston.

The Detroit Lions have seen some huge changes this offseason, and their roster as well as coaching staff has been blown up in a major way.

As a result of all the changes, it isn’t expected to be a very competitive year in the Motor City. The Lions figure to lose more games than they will win in the minds of many, and that’s before the release of a complete schedule for the 2021 season even takes place.

Recently, Pro Football Focus took a look at some expected win totals for the 2021 season, and when it came to the Lions, the team was occupying a familiar place near the bottom of the league.

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Detroit is projected to win only five games next season, which is the second-lowest total in the league other than the Houston Texans who are pegged to win four. Obviously, folks are seeing what the Lions did last season and comparing it with the changes that have been made to predict bad things in the future for the team.

It is hardly going out on a limb to suggest the Lions are set up for a bad season, so it will be interesting to see if this team can buck the odds.

Lions Look ‘Less Talented’ on Paper for 2021

The Lions don’t seem to make winning big a major habit in any given year, but have they ever lacked this much talent on their roster? The answer, according to analyst Evan Silva, is no. As he wrote a few months back, while the Lions have underachieved on the field a ton lately, they’ve rarely had a team that looked this bad even on paper in terms of the actual nuts and bolts of the roster.

The Lions roster has plenty of holes at this point, but it’s also fair to remember that the team is incomplete at this point. The Lions have added players in free agency and now they will tackle the 2021 NFL Draft. While a quick turnaround for the team may not be predicted, it’s always possible if the team has the right approach in the rest of the offseason.

At this point, though, most see the roster as a spot with major holes which could prevent the team from contending at all in the short term.

Lions 2021 Schedule Looking Tough

As for Detroit’s schedule next season, there will be several tough games. In spit of the fact that the Lions finished in last place during 2020, their schedule looks pretty treacherous. The AFC North is loaded and features three high-rising teams in the Browns, Steelers and Ravens to go with a team that could have a bright future in the Bengals. Other that that, the Lions will tangle with the NFC West, which is another stacked division. Obviously, it will be tough to quantify how difficult Detroit’s schedule might be without knowing more about when and where the games are played. Still, it’s tough not to think about the daunting nature of the battles that loom for Detroit, even as they have struggled.

Many don’t think the Lions are primed for a good season regardless of who they play, so this is important to remember as the win projections start to roll in for 2021.

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