Lions’ Quintez Cephus Putting in Hard Work This Offseason


Quintez Cephus leans in for a catch against the Packers.

The Detroit Lions have a quarterback willing to go the extra mile in Jared Goff, and it’s nice to see a couple players joining him in that quest for greatness this offseason.

Goff and several teammates have been connecting already to build chemistry, and the latest to show up to work out with him was wideout Quintez Cephus.

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Cephus hasn’t only been meeting with Goff, but he’s been working hard in the facility on his physique as well, which is important to note. The Lions posted some pictures of his workouts in the building lately.

All of this is excellent news for the Lions. Cephus has shown that he has the ability to have major potential at the position, so it’s nice to see him applying himself and putting his best foot forward for the future. The Lions badly need to see Cephus develop into something considering their lack of young talent at wideout, and to see this commitment in the offseason is excellent news.

Whether Cephus can become a top dog at wideout or not remains anyone’s guess, but it’s clear he is going to continue in his strong pursuit of that goal, which should have fans very excited.

Goff Connecting With New Teammates

It’s not only Cephus and Goff getting together. A few months back, a post from tight end T.J. Hockenson surfaced on the internet, and it showed him meeting at the spot where Goff usually does his training in California. It can only be assumed from the photo that Goff and Hockenson could be putting in some work together ahead of the new season for the first time as teammates.

Here’s a look:

Obviously, to see Goff back on the field with such an important target like Hockenson is encouraging ahead of the 2021 season. The Lions are counting on Hockenson to make a big impact this season and be the guy who locks down the tight end position in the future. Having both on the same page will be huge for the Lions.

The offseason has only just begun and already, Goff and the Lions are trying to set themselves up for success. It’s nice to see soon after a big shock to the Lions’ system with all the changes from this past offseason, and good to see a couple young stars in Hockenson and Cephus getting acclimated with their new teammate.

Cephus Career Stats

In college, Cephus put up a solid 1,496 yards and 9 touchdowns in a run-heavy Wisconsin Badgers offense. He’s a player that has some potential which is obvious given the numbers he put up and his work ethic and body type. So far in the NFL, Cephus has put up 349 yards and 2 touchdowns on 20 career receptions without much run at all. He was a healthy scratch at times last season, but it’s clear those days could be over.

Cephus didn’t have a fast run at the NFL Combine running in the 4.7’s, but improved things during his early pro day with Wisconsin. More than the speed, it’s the ability of Cephus to run good routes and make solid catches which impresses. As a result of that, he could be a solid pro who sticks in the league in time if he is able to take care of his business.

Learning to be a pro is a big part of the craft, so it’s good to see Cephus stepping up and leading by example. That will help him as he tries to become a big piece of the puzzle for the Lions in 2021.

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