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My little Noah is the sweetest 3-year-old boy. He is the bravest little person I know. In his little life he has undergone multiple surgeries. Right now he is fighting infantile scoliosis, a rare and potentially fatal form of spinal curvature. Although the first course of treatment would be bracing, little Noah scoliosis is too severe and he recently had his first casting . He was given anesthesia and ventilated during the casting because the pressure on the chest during the procedure can make breathing difficult . His cast extends over his shoulder like a tank-top and down to the pelvis, but a hole is left open between to relieve pressure on the chest and abdomen while preventing the ribs from rotating . A series of casts will be removed and refitted every eight to 12 weeks and will continue for about 2 years to re-correct the spine before continuing with brace management. This will postpone spinal fusion surgery until he is a little older. After his first casting procedure his curvature was reduced from a 65° to 35° . Little Noah is such a happy and brave little fighter despite all of this. He is very loved and adored by his 3 older siblings . Little Noah has a very long journey ahead and I would love to see him have a normal long and healthy life .

If you could support little Noah’s Gofundme by making a donation and sharing it with your network, we would greatly appreciate it. All donations will go towards little Noah’s medical treatment , hospital stay and all his appointments and making life for him as comfortable as possible. If you cannot help financially I completely understand. I would like to thank you very much for even considering supporting us in your thoughts, prayers or financial support. Please feel free to contact me anytime regarding little Noah’s journey.

With love and gratitude,
Little Noah and his entire family❤

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