Living with Heart on the Right, Liver on Left: Case of Situs Inversus – What We Know!

Think about waking up sooner or later with a abdomen ache and later discovering that each one your inside organs are on the incorrect aspect. This shock of a lifetime was lately introduced to a resident of Uttar Pradesh’s Kushinagar area.

Jamaluddin encountered the shock of residing in a mirror physique when he consulted a health care provider for persistent abdomen ache. He was beneficial to endure ultrasounds and X-rays which led to the unearthing of his flipped physique. Within the vocabulary of medical science, Jamaluddin was born with a particularly uncommon situation known as Situs Inversus.

Allow us to perceive what this situation is all about.

What’s Situs Inversus?

Situs Inversus is a situation wherein the interior organs within the chest and stomach area are positioned within the place of their mirror picture.

It’s a genetic situation wherein the positions of the guts and the liver are flipped as in comparison with their regular locations.

Historical past of Situs Inversus

Situs Inversus is a really out of the abnormal state. Only one in 10,000 folks endure from this ailment. Nonetheless, it’s not a contemporary illness. The situation was recognized and recognised within the yr 1673. A surgeon named Marco Severino found the case of situs inversus. Nonetheless, the ailment was given its title a few century later. The causes of Situs Inversus are solely genetic.

Developments within the medical self-discipline has allowed people with this ailment to steer a wonderfully regular life. Situs Inversus has impacted the lives of a number of celebrities together with Enrique Iglesias (Spanish singer), Catherine O’Hara (Actress) and Donny Osmond (American singer).

By the Wanting Glass – Particulars of Situs Inversus

If you don’t search for it, it’s possible you’ll not discover it. The identical is the case for Situs Inversus. This situation will not be recognised till an individual is examined on the within.

This suggests that Situs Inversus doesn’t trigger any main problems because the organs, although rearranged, perform correctly. Thereby, it doesn’t have a set of signs to determine it with.

As within the case of Jamaluddin, a person might endure from one other ailment which might additional result in the invention of this situation. A physician often diagnose situs inversus through X-rays, CT scan, MRI, ultrasonography or listening to the heartbeat.

The problems come up if an individual with Situs Inversus has to endure surgical procedure. It’s as a result of the geometric coordinations could be problematic for the surgeon to function on.

Dr. Shaskikant Dixit, a bariatric laparoscopic surgeon, who operated on Jamaluddin, stated, “We discovered stones in his gallbladder. However this can be very troublesome to take out the stones if the gallbladder is positioned on the left aspect. We needed to take the assistance of three dimensional laparoscopic machines to carry out the surgical procedure.”

Such hurdles could also be concerned within the case of situs inversus within the occasion of a significant surgical procedure.

The same case surfaced at Fortis Hospital, Shalimar Bagh. A 52 yr outdated affected person named Sunil Dutt had been experiencing breathlessness and angina. The prognosis revealed the atypical situation of situs inversus. The competent crew at Fortis Hospital heeded to the problems and have been providing remedy to the affected person.


Philosophically, every considered one of us is completely different beneath the pores and skin however some are uncommon.

Situs Inversus is a start defect wherein the organs are repositioned within the place of their mirror photographs. This situation doesn’t trigger any barrier to an individual’s general well being. Because of this, surgical procedure to reposition these organs isn’t usually suggested by medical doctors. Having the information about situs inversus is vital previous to any surgical procedure.

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