Logan Paul to UFC: ‘A Lot Harder Than Boxing’


Logan Paul (right) faces Floyd Mayweather on June 6.

Logan Paul is already heading into a boxing ring on June 6 to face Floyd Mayweather Jr. in a pay-per-view boxing match on Showtime, but the 26-year-old doesn’t plan on stopping his professional fighting exploits there. In fact, Paul revealed in an interview with Showtime’s Mauro Ranallo on Friday during the telecast of Bellator 259 that he plans on transitioning over to MMA for at least one fight.

“Yeah, absolutely,” Paul said. “I actually think I’d probably be better at MMA because of my wrestling background.”

Paul was a standout wrestler in high school, and Renallo revealed during that same interview on Showtime that Paul met with Bellator MMA president Scott Coker last year, presumedly about a potential MMA fight.

Paul ended up taking the boxing route instead, but the all-star social media celebrity said he’s sure he’ll find his way into a cage fight soon.

“I will say, it is a tough sport. It’s a lot harder than boxing. MMA fighters are legitimate all-around 360 degree fighters. I’ve had some knee issues on both knees…but I can’t not do one MMA fight before I die,” Paul said.

So it seems Paul (0-1) is planning to shock the world by beating Mayweather in a boxing ring in their special exhibition eight-round boxing bout this summer, and then he hopes to take an MMA fight later down the lin.

Actually, he hopes for one MMA fight at a minimum.

“I’m going to do at least one. And if I win? I’ll probably do another,” Paul said.

And who knows? If Paul is able to prove himself a good enough fighter in boxing and also the MMA ranks, maybe one day the brash social media star could find himself standing inside the Octagon as a UFC superstar.

After all, the UFC is the pinnacle of MMA, at least over the last decade or so and probably for the foreseeable future, too. If Paul becomes a real prizefighter in the MMA world, the highest place he could go is the UFC.

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