Logan Paul Warned After Beating up Rob Gronkowski’s Brothers


YouTuber Logan Paul released a video on Thursday on YouTube in which he’s shown to be locking horns inside a boxing ring with an NFL star’s four brothers as the famous football player referees the action. Former New England Patriots star and current Tampa Bay Buccaneer Rob Gronkowski’s didn’t box Paul himself in the video, but his four massive brothers did: Gordie Jr., Dan, Chris and Glenn.

Paul appears to dominate all four of the “Gronk” brothers, and Rob ends the video with a stern warning for the YouTuber.

You can watch Paul get the better of them in the vial video below.

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While Rob is easily the most well-known of the Gronkowski brothers, all five of the siblings actually played professional sports in some capacity. Gordie Gronkowski Jr. played professional baseball while the rest of the brothers joined Rob inside the NFL.

The video release on Thursday shows Paul getting the better of the exchanges against the Gronk bros.

However, it’s important to note the video is heavily edited by Paul’s team and not just uncut sparring footage that shows all the action. Moreover, it should also be noted that Paul has been training in boxing for a few years now, and it doesn’t appear the Gronkowski’s entered the ring with the same level of skill.

Regardless, Paul posted the video as evidence of how seriously he’s preparing for his upcoming boxing match against retired boxing legend Floyd Mayweather Jr. To his credit, he looks a few levels better than any of the Gronk bros as far as boxing goes.

In the video, Rob Gronkowski can be seen congratulating and warning Paul after seeing him wreck his four brothers..

“I was entertained…but I want to give it up to Logan, congratulations and good job…You did just win, though. From one champ to another: congratulations,” Gronkowski said.

But the NFL star also issued a warning. He said, “Just don’t think you’re going to be champ for too long, because one day I’m going to be coming for you.”

Mayweather vs Paul is a special exhibition boxing pay-per-view bout on June 6.

Mayweather, 44, is almost two decades older than his 26-year-old opponent, and the boxing legend is likely to be outweighed by 30 pounds on fight night. Regardless, Mayweather is a heavy favorite in the fight because he’s the premier fighter of his era.

Paul is an 0-1 novice who has never competed against any legit prizefighter.

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