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Lori McLeod Obituary | Lori McLeod Death – It is with great sadness to learn about the death of beloved Lori McLeod. She died in the year 2019.

Scott Kimball was said to be the brain behind the gruesome murder of 4 people including Lori McLeod. The lifelong felon, Scott Kimball is serving a 70-year sentence for four murders committed after he was released from prison in 2002 to act as an FBI informant.

Kimball, a lifelong con man with four felony convictions, was released from prison on Dec. 18, 2002, to act as an FBI informant after convincing federal agents that his cellmate, Steve Ennis, had asked him to kill a witness in a drug case.

Less than a month after he was released in 2002, four people vanished.

LeAnn Emry, 24, vanished. Ennis’ girlfriend, Jennifer Marcum, 25, disappeared a month after that, and Kaysi McLeod, 19, went missing in August 2003. Then, some time in mid-2004, Kimball’s uncle, Terry Kimball, 60, vanished.

Scott Kimball was the last to see each of them alive.

A tracker discovered McLeod’s remaining parts in a backwoods in Jackson County in north-focal Colorado in 2007, and Kimball in the long run drove specialists to Emry’s body in an Utah gulch and to his uncle’s remaining parts in a woodland close Vail Pass.

He has never uncovered the area of Marcum’s body.

In June 2003, Kimball disclosed to FBI Agent Carle Schlaff that a street pharmacist had executed Marcum. He said a companion of a previous cellmate had indicated him a photo of Marcum with her hands and legs bound and her mouth taped shut, as indicated by an affirmation.

Kaysi McLeod was accounted for missing in August 2003. She was never observed after Kimball should get her from a Thornton inn. Kimball wedded Kaysi’s mom, Lori, soon thereafter.

Terry Kimball, 60, vanished in late 2004, soon after he started to remain with Scott Kimball. Scott Kimball told individuals his uncle won a lottery, at that point went to Mexico with a lady.

Emry, 24, vanished among Moab and Washington state in 2003. In January 2003 she revealed to her dad, Howard, that she was arranging an outdoors trip. Her vehicle was found in Moab.