Luis Grateron Car Accident – Killed Three of Five Friends from Weston

Luis Grateron Car Accident – Miami Dade prosecutors now consider Luis Grateron a fugitive and they have an arrest warrant prepared to charge him with three counts of vehicle homicide and DUI murder for the deaths of Shelley Rapp, 20, Daniela Hernandez, 21 and Diego Ortiz , 21.

The arrest warrant details the moments before the crash, placing Gratero behind the wheel of his turbulent 2018 Volkswagen Golf with four friends driving on the Palmetto Expressway after the holidays in the Miamis Wynwood neighborhood.

Prosecutors have evidence he was traveling 147 miles per hour before the crash. A surviving passenger says friends were begging Grateron to slow down and that he raised his middle finger toward a body on the Florida Highway Patrol as he sped next to him.

Grateron lost control of the vehicle, which was spinning and crashing into Route 58th, the speed was strong enough to split a tree and pull out the engine.

When Volkswagen finally stopped, Grateron and his front passenger, 23-year-old Alberto Abood, dragged the broken windshield.

Shelley Rapp had died in the back seat. Hernandez and Ortiz were kicked out of the back seat and killed.

Since the March clash, Steve Rapp has used Facebook to share publicly about the aftermath of his daughters’ deaths on Facebook. Lately, he has been struggling to balance his feelings of compassion and anger since learning that Grateron fled the country and challenged justice.

The fatal clash was not the first DUI-related case for Grateron. He was arrested on charges of THC and speed a year ago in Broward County and he was participating in a drug court program at the time of the crash.

Rapp said evidence shows Grateron is likely to fly to Switzerland on October 17th and then connect with a town in Croatia. He believes Grateron is probably with the family he has in Spain and hopes the mugshot will spread on social media internationally and encourage someone to turn him into authorities.