Maci Bookout Shames Ryan Edwards After Reunion Diss

Maci Bookout Shames Ryan Edwards After Reunion Diss


“Teen Mom OG” star Maci Bookout took a dig at ex-boyfriend Ryan Edwards after he repeatedly referred to her as a “b****.”

Teen Mom OG star Maci Bookout took a dig at ex-boyfriend Ryan Edwards after he repeatedly referred to her as a “b****” and then said her husband Taylor McKinney was “punk b****” for insulting him at the season nine reunion.

Ryan and his wife Mackenzie were invited to participate but declined to appear on stage with Maci and her husband. All of the drama boils down to Bentley, the 12-year-old son that Maci and Ryan share. As Bentley has gotten older, he has started to put distance between himself and his father, but the Edwards have accused Maci of manipulating the 12-year-old against them.

Ryan and his father Larry Edwards regularly talk to The Sun about their issues with Maci and Taylor, which is where part of the Teen Mom OG star’s insult stemmed from.

“Apparently I’m a b**** & Taylor’s a punk b****… so now it’s time to expose the TRUTH about Ryan,” Maci wrote via Instagram on April 22. She then shared a link to her interview with Teen Mom Talk Now. “If Ryan spoke to the therapist as much as he has spoken to the tabloids over the few months; he might actually have a relationship with Bentley,” she told them.

Ryan Denied Using Drugs Again

One of the major points of contention for Taylor this season was that he was afraid Ryan was using drugs again. If their 12-year-old son Bentley was to see his biological father again, Taylor said Ryan should take a drug test before he visits with Bentley.

Ryan was shown looking disheveled throughout the season. In some scenes, he spoke slowly and it seemed like it was difficult for him to keep his eyes open. While some viewers accused him of abusing substances, Ryan said he’s just tired. In addition to Bentley, Ryan is the father of Jagger, 2, Stella, 1, with wife Mackenzie.

“I can see why he made the comment, but really I was just exhausted 99 percent of the time,” he told The Sun in a separate interview.

“Staying up all night then helping Mackenzie with kids in the day,” the father-of-three continued. “That’s in between going back to the garage building my buggy to try and get it done for King of the Hammers off-road race.”

Ryan previously told the publication he would be building dune buggies after getting fired from Teen Mom OG. After losing weight over the past year Mackenzie plans to launch her own fitness plan.

Taylor Called Ryan a ‘Piece of S***’

Taylor held nothing back when going off on Ryan at the season nine reunion. He referred to his wife’s ex as a “piece of s***” and accused him of not being sober.

“I think every week when you watch a new episode, you think Ryan can’t possibly be any dumber than he is and he will prove you wrong the next week,” Taylor said.

Taylor showed the same type of candor when asked about Ryan being sober. “No I don’t [think he’s sober]. This is our opinion,” he told reunion host Dr. Drew Pinsky. “It’s based on when he shows up to something or when you see him sitting there in a scene and he can’t hardly keep his eyes open.”

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