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Followers of Zoolander know Derek isn’t the brightest crayon within the field. Most of the jokes within the movie encompass Derek’s stupidity, and viewers would possibly say these gags assist make Zoolander Ben Stiller’s greatest goofball comedy. Nonetheless, he isn’t the one character missing wits within the story.

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A number of goofy characters are showcased within the movie, and a few are smarter than others. Personalities like Jacobim Mugatu would possibly seem a lot smarter than Derek till their actions are unpacked. When confronted with battle, different folks in Derek’s life put their brains on show.


Derek Zoolander

a center for ants Zoolander scene

It’s maybe unsurprising to followers that Derek is rated low on the listing of intelligence for Zoolander‘s characters. Ben Stiller performs the memorable function. Derek reveals his lack of wits in a number of gags within the movie.

Derek typically makes use of the improper phrases or phrasing in his strains. He acts foolishly, like when he takes the stage and accepts a style award after dropping to Hansel. When J.P. Prewett asks who he and Matilda suppose made garments through the 1800s, Derek guesses Mugatu.

Hansel McDonald

Derek Zoolander and Hansel looking confused

Owen Wilson performs Hansel. He’s Derek’s rival till they bury the hatchet after they find out about Mugatu’s plan. He typically spouts goofy strains like Derek, misusing phrases and phrases, like when he says Micronesia as a substitute of Malaysia. He refers back to the Prime Minister because the “claymation dude.”

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Hansel displays the silly conduct of Derek. Nonetheless, he performs maybe probably the most bone-headed motion within the movie. When he’s tasked with discovering incriminating recordsdata in a pc, he smashes it, considering they’re paper recordsdata bodily contained in the system.

Katinka Ingabogovina

Katinka yelling in Zoolander.

Some followers say Zoolander is considered one of Milla Jovovich’s greatest films. She performs Katinka, Mugatu’s right-hand lady. Katinka is a less-developed character in Zoolander, however she presents her smarts in her actions.

Katinka doesn’t seem to have a thoughts of her personal. She follows Mugatu’s orders blindly, underscoring her lack of mental curiosity. She reveals a scarcity of emotional intelligence when she lashes out at Matilda.

Larry Zoolander

Jon Voight and Ben Stiller at a bar in Zoolander.

John Voight performs Larry. He’s Derek’s father. Audiences see him when Derek returns to his hometown to attach along with his roots. He solely seems in a number of quick sequences. When Derek complains about coughing after spending a day within the mines, Larry quips to speak to him in thirty years.

Nonetheless, Larry doesn’t seem to point out many smarts. He reveals an awesome lack of emotional intelligence. He’s quick and cussed towards Derek. He lashes out at him when Derek tries to reconnect.

Jacobim Mugatu

Mugatu Zoolander

Some viewers name Zoolander‘s Mugatu considered one of Will Ferrell’s most hilarious characters. He’s the movie’s villain and audiences see him lash out at others like his assistant Todd. On the movie’s finale, he turns into fully unhinged on stage.

These moments underscore his lack of emotional intelligence. Nonetheless, Mugatu is smarter than a few of his friends. He manipulates Derek into becoming a member of his marketing campaign and is ready to persuade him to go to a “day spa” by which he’s hypnotized.

Maury Ballstein

Jerry Stiller performs Maury. Zoolander is considered one of Jerry Stiller’s highest-rated films. Maury is Derek’s agent. He’s smarter than Derek and makes use of his wits to control him into taking over Mugatu’s task. By the finale, he outsmarts Mugatu.

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Maury reveals his emotional intelligence when he backs out of Mugatu’s plan on the finish of the movie. He reveals his foresight when he explains that he has an additional copy of the recordsdata Hansel destroys on a zipper disk in his den on Lengthy Island.

J.P. Prewett

J.P. Prewett leaning on a grave showing his hand in a case in Zoolander.

David Duchovny performs J.P. Prewett. There’s a operating gag in Zoolander that male fashions are silly, however Prewett tells audiences as a hand mannequin, he doesn’t “suppose the identical method because the face and physique boys do.” In speaking to Derek and Matilda, he proves to be maybe the wittiest mannequin within the movie.

Prewett reveals his smarts in his unpacking of the conspiracy utilizing Derek as a pawn. He speaks eloquently. He explains the historical past of male modeling to Matilda and Derek, asking questions and utilizing proof to clarify the plot of the trade.

Matilda Jeffries

Christine Taylor looking up at a computer in Zoolander.

Christine Taylor’s Matilda is Derek’s romantic curiosity. She reveals her smarts a number of occasions all through the movie. She presents her mental curiosity in her tenacious efforts to uncover Mugatu’s plan. She speaks clearly and doesn’t use silly phrases and imperfect vocabulary like a few of her friends.

Matilda’s maybe smartest second comes when she realizes the set off Mugatu has put in place to set off Derek. She discovers Mugatu used to play in Frankie Goes To Hollywood, and figures out their hit music “Loosen up” will make Derek attempt to assassinate the Prime Minister.

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