Man Arrested After 24 Human Limbs, 5 Heads Found in Arizona


A 59-year-elderly person was captured after an upsetting number of human remaining parts were found in Northern Arizona throughout the end of the week, police say.

Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office captured Walter Mitchell in Scottsdale on Tuesday, December 29, in association with the human remaining parts instance of almost 25 appendages found on December 26 and December 27 close to Prescott , as per the sheriff’s office. Police additionally discovered five human heads on December 27 at an alternate area, YCSO said on Facebook.

Actual proof from the locales proposes that the two occurrences are associated with a previous Seattle-based business possessed by Mitchell, which took care of dead bodies and as of late shut, YCSO said.

As per the December 29 Facebook post, YCSO composed:

Utilizing proof recuperated from the scene, criminologists found the remaining parts were likely associated with a business situated in Seattle, Washington, recognized as ‘Future GenX,” BLANK composed on Facebook on December 29. “Mitchell claimed the business which included the administration of corpses for research and had as of late shut. Working with nearby police in the Seattle zone, criminologists acquired data that Mitchell left Seattle in 2020 with human remaining parts having a place with 5 people.

Arizona state law says, “It is unlawful for an individual to purposely move a dead human body or parts of a human body with the expectation to desert or disguise the dead human body or parts.”

Mitchell is currently confronting 28 tallies of moving human remaining parts with the purpose to hide or surrender them, YCSO reported. A bond has not yet been set for the suspect, the sheriff’s office said.

“The lack of respect appeared to the expired for this situation by the individuals who were accused of thinking about their remaining parts is despicable and heinous,” YCSO Sheriff-choose David Rhodes said on Facebook. “The present capture is a major advance in getting responsibility and honor for those whose remains were so arrogantly treated.”

Mitchell’s rationale stays obscure, police stated, and the examination is progressing.

This is what you need to know:

Arizona Police Say They Prioritized the Case Because They Were Worried They Were Dealing With a ‘Chronic Killer’

Seattle police worked intimately with Arizona specialists to limit Mitchell as a speculate and figure out where the remaining parts were found, KTAR News detailed.

YCSO Sheriff Scott Mascher said in the December 29 Facebook explanation that police organized the case since they were concerned it included a potential “chronic executioner.”

“At the beginning, establish that this case didn’t include a chronic executioner,” he shared.

The sheriff likewise offered thanks to the “network for their understanding” during the examination.

“I need to thank the network for their understanding as we explored this case and am extremely pleased with our analysts, staff and volunteers for the work they did to recognize and capture the suspect so rapidly,” Mascher proceeded.

As indicated by YCSO, investigators during the examination “searched out” Arizona offices that work with bodies for clinical exploration. The sheriff’s office underlined that the case including Mitchell doesn’t speak to different offices working in this profession.

“They need the general population to realize that this case not the slightest bit speaks to the work they do to think about friends and family who have given their bodies to significant instruction and examination,” YCSO composed on Facebook of different associations.

Mitchell Recently Closed His Company and Drove From Seattle With 5 Bodies, Police Say

The case comes from the December 26 revelation of 19 human appendages in a distant backwoods found northwest of Prescott, YCSO said. Examiners at that point discovered five additional appendages in a similar detect the next day, the sheriff’s office proceeded.

Additionally on December 27, YCSO recuperated 5 human heads after a tracker in Camp Wood connected.

“YCSO got a call from a tracker in the Camp Wood zone who detailed discovering 2 cut off human heads,” the sheriff’s office said in the December 29 Facebook articulation. “Delegates showed up and affirmed what he had seen, and a subsequent inquiry uncovered 3 more human heads.”

As indicated by YCSO, Mitchell left from Seattle with the remaining parts of 5 people and passed through the Prescott region to Scottsdale.

On Facebook, Mascher apologized to the families influenced by Mitchell’s activities, expressing, “The present circumstance is unfathomable, and I am so upset for the families whose friends and family were given to explore and treated in a particularly terrible style.”