Man nabbed by the Nigerian police for carrying a condom containing sperm, media users react


A man has been arrested after he was found with a condom containing sperm.

The brother of the arrested man had gone on Twitter to complain about his brother’s arrest.

He tweeted: “SARS AT SARS ROAD has been holding my brother since yday night that they saw him with condom. He slept here and we’ve been looking for him, we only discovered this morning and they are asking for money!!!!”

The police responded to his tweet, writing: “The OC Anti-Cultism was contacted in respect of the arrest.”

The police later returned to Twitter to give an update and the reason for the man’s arrest.

The police complaint unit tweeted: “The OC Anti Cultism responded, that the Young man was intercepted on a Road block with fluid packed in a Condom, put in a pure water bag.”

Nigerians have now responded, asking why a man carrying a condom with sperm in it should be arrested.

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