Manchester United confident of completing major transfer for bargain fee


Gary Lineker went a little over the top on Twitter with his evaluation of Manchester City’s performance in Paris, and his followers were quickly on his case.

Lineker is, at the end of the day, paid for his opinions when it comes to the game of football, so you could hardly deny him the right of providing his assessments on social media, when he’s not on the box.

With Jake Humphrey taking the reins on BT Sport tonight, that gave Lineker the opportunity to watch and observe from the comfort of his own home, perhaps with a glass of wine by his side.

Lineker must have had more than one glass of wine to have come up with a tweet like this.

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Man City, though they turned the screw in the second half, were absolutely battered by PSG in the first, and in truth, scored two very fortunate goals.

Lineker’s tweet was wide of the mark, a little bit too far, and fans were quick to let him know…