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Mandla ‘Mgijimi’ Sindane Death | Prominent Orlando Pirates Die-hard fan has passed away. His death was announced on July 28, 2020.

Johannes, brother to Mandla Mgijimi Sindane was deeply shocked and saddened as he announced the passing of his brother

“He’s been struggling to breathe you see. We took it as if it was a normal passing thing, but when we went to his place we discovered that he passed on last night.

“When our father went to check him today he found him dead. Most people who were following him say last night he was on Facebook. It looked like he had just taken a bath when this happened. It happened in his sleep.

“We found out today around past one. Ja, all along he was staying alone because his child was currently busy with something.

“At this stage we don’t know what took him. He was even telling us that he was starting to feel okay, not realising he was passing.

“Even people can’t believe what has happened, we’ve been receiving calls from all corners… it’s unbelievable my brother.

“At this stage everything is still new, we are still busy arranging these things of funeral covers and so on, so that the undertaker can come.

“But people are welcome to send their condolences. We’ve accepted that because he was the people’s person, even the phone is ringing non-stop.”

Mgijimi never missed an Orlando Pirates game, he was always at the stadium, no matter where it was. May he rest in peace.

Mandla ‘Mgijimi’ Sindane cause of death is still unknown.

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Sad to hear the news of Pirates superfan, Mandla ‘ Mgijimi’ Sindane’s passing

South African football has lost a true solider.

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