Manny Pacquiao Shocks Fans With Superfight


Boxer Manny Pacquiao returns to action on August 24.

Boxing superstar Manny Pacquiao shocked the boxing world on Friday by announcing a superfight boxing match against Errol Spence Jr. Pacquiao posted the news on Instagram, and it’s not nearly the kind of fight people expected for the 42-year-old legend. According to Pacquaio’s post on social media, Pacquiao vs. Spence will take place on August 21 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Pacquiao vs. Spence will be a PBC on FOX pay-per-view card, and it’s a massive superfight that nobody saw coming.

While reports from the boxing media indicated Pacquiao’s team was talking to at least three well-known candidates for his next fight, most fight fans and pundits just assumed at least two of the names on the list were just that: talk.

Pacquiao had been linked to Spence, Terence Crawford, and Mikey Garcia. While all three fighters are among the best in boxing, Spence and Crawford seemed like incredibly tough tasks for an older boxing legend like Pacquiao because both are naturally larger fighters in their primes.

So most just assumed Pacquiao would end up facing Garcia next or somebody else entirely. That still would have been a huge fight, but one in which Pacquiao would probably enter the ring as a slight favorite on the betting market.

But that won’t be the case against Spence, and it would not have been against Crawford either.

Because Spence, 31, is undefeated and considered one of the top fighters in boxing. While Pacquiao started his career weighing just 106 pounds and won his first world championship in boxing in the flyweight division, Spence is a life-long 147-pounder who will only move up from here.

So Pacquiao will enter the fight older, smaller, and a significant underdog on the betting market.

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