Marca MP Car Accident | Pedro Vargas Car Accident, Undergo Surgery

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Pedro Vargas Car Accident – Pedro Vargas better known has Chato is a Vocalist and a Mexican singer, one of the Marca MP. He suffered a serious accident.

On its Facebook page, the Marca group defines itself as follows: “We are based in Northern California, We are a group that is starting a Marca Mp musical dream”.

After the news that a Mexican singer suffers an accident, people immediately reacted to the message from El Chato’s friend, Eduin Caz.

On the official Instagram page of Grupo Marca MP, one of the members Ricky Calderón who says the following: “Good afternoon, everyone. First of all, God, I want to thank all those people who have been sending messages, their good vibes, their prayers. , thank God it didn’t get older. ”

Although the member of the group does not refer to what topic, it is understood that it is about the accident of the Mexican singer, since he had few hours to publish.

In the following way, he asks his fans to enter the young singer’s Instagram account so that they send him all their love so that he improves after the accident.

“Good afternoon friends, this video is to see if everyone can go to the Instagram of my little boy Chato and send him a message, all the good vibes, send him all the blessings, pray for him, today I had to record a musical, for awhile in the morning, but at night he had a small accident at dawn. “

And he adds: “I had not wanted to publish anything, but I want everyone to send him a message, I want him to send all the blessings, that he is well, that he improves, right now he is coming out of surgery, so everyone will send him good you vibrate to my carnalito Chato, I send you a big hug and thanks for the support ”.

It is currently unknown where the accident occurred.