Margaret Josephs Unleashes on RHONJ Cast

Margaret Josephs Unleashes on RHONJ Cast


Real Housewives of New Jersey star Margaret Josephs is telling all on some former RHONJ cast members. Josephs joined the cast in 2017 for the show’s eighth season. At the time, cast member Siggy Flicker introduced the group of friends to Josephs.

The two were once close friends, but they struggled to stay friends throughout the eighth season. The tension escalated when Flicker accused Josephs of being anti-Semitic when she referenced Adolf Hitler. The friends somewhat came to a resolution, but they never got back to where they once are.

Now, Josephs is setting the record straight on where the former friends stand. “With Siggy, I think she’s pure f*cking evil,” Josephs dished on an episode of Betches’ Mention It All podcast on April 8. “And I do feel that way. She’s a stain on New Jersey and she’s cold, calculating, easily threatened and [i’m] so happy to be rid of her.”

Josephs Also Dished on Danielle Staub

Josephs initially befriended former cast member and frequent friend Danielle Staub. The two were friends, but they had quite a few falling-outs – including an infamous husband pool throwing and hair-pulling incident. The Caviar Dreams, Tuna Fish Budget: How to Survive in Business and Life author shared her thoughts on Staub.

“I think some people are insecure and they cannot distinguish between reality and camera,” she said on the Mention It All podcast. “I think that’s what’s disturbing. Danielle is not a horrible person. I think she is damaged.”

She continued saying, “I know she’s going off on Instagram and saying horrible things about me, it doesn’t bother me at all cause I actually feel bad for her. I really do care about her. I think she has a hard time differentiating reality from TV… I only want good things for her and I want her to be okay.”

Josephs Has Called Out Flicker in the Past

This isn’t the first time that Josephs has discussed her ex-friendship with Flicker. The two ran into each other a few years ago, as New Jersey is a small world after all.

“I ran into her at my hair salon and she was appalled when I walked in,” she told RealityBlurb in 2018. “She was like, ‘Oh!’ She’s not over it!” She added, “I’ve seen her, but we aren’t speaking.”

To make matters more complicated, Flicker and current RHONJ cast member Dolores Catania are close friends. Catania and Josephs are also close friends. Catania shared prior to that interview that Flicker doesn’t have a problem with her friendship with Josephs.

“I’m sure she’s fine with Dolores being friends with me, but she doesn’t want to be in the same room with me,” Josephs dished. When asked what she would think of a Flicker RHONJ return, Josephs said, “I could give two… I’m fine with anything. I don’t think she would be super thrilled.”

When it comes to current cast members, Josephs’ current feud is with Jennifer Aydin. During one of the latest episodes, Josephs helped Aydin after drinking a few too many tequilas.

“I really wasn’t judging her at first… I was actually worried about her,” Josephs added on Mention It All. “And I get concerned… I want everybody to hold themselves in the best light. I’m all about a good time, I love a party girl, but I am very protective of the people I care about.”

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