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Marie J. Benedict’s daughter announced the death of her beloved mother.

We wanted to share a very poignant and inspiring tribute from Claire, Marie Benedict’s daughter, on the life and legacy of her incredible mother.

This is what she wrote:

“My mother, Marie June Benedict, passed away last week. She had taught Pilates and Badminton groups for Mary Frances Trust for eight years, along with coaching at local schools. At the start of July, she was going to teach a digital Pilates course during the lockdown. I am immensely proud of her and all the amazing things she achieved, many to help other people with mental illnesses.

My mother taught me more than I can say and she created so much of the person I am and will continue to be.

She taught me that it is vital to help others, but it is also OK to ask for help. 

She taught me that you should pursue different things, like pilates, badminton, playing the flute, writing, acting, sewing, travelling and technology. She tried it all.

She taught me to find the joy in little things, like flowers, fantasy novels, superhero films or bagels.

My mother taught me that mental health is not something to be ashamed of, but it is something to always consciously work to improve.  

We need to teach each other about mental illnesses and talk about them more. They need to be taken just as seriously as physical illnesses, without shame, judgement or trivialisation. This is more important than ever given the lockdown and pandemic. My mother strongly believed in this, as does Mary Frances Trust.

You can support her, and the Trust, by donating to MFT in her memory

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