Married at First Sight Season 12 Spoilers: MAFS Couples Still Together


Find out which couples of “Married at First Sight” season 12, which has been unlike any other, stayed together.

“Married at First Sight” season 12 has been unlike any other, with Paige and Chris having one of the tumultuous relationships the series has ever seen. After eight weeks of marriage, the five couples sat before the experts to reveal their final decisions.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers. Please do not continue reading if you do not want to be spoiled.

Clara & Ryan: Married

Clara and Ryan got along from the beginning. The flight attendant was vulnerable with her feelings and was put on edge when she discovered that Ryan has never said “I love you” to a romantic partner. Clara was also frustrated with their intimacy as they were the only couple on season 12 to not have sex.

Viewers on the “Married at First Sight” subreddit were sometimes confused by their relationship, especially since the series made it seem like Clara was more invested in the marriage. It seemed like they struggled to communicate and that Clara’s needs were not being met.

But there must have been some magic that the camera missed. Clara and Ryan were the first couples to sit down in front of the experts and they decided to stay married.

Hayley & Jacob: Divorced

Hayley and Jacob seemed like they got off to a good start when they first met each other. But by the time they were ready to leave their honeymoon in Las Vegas their relationship had already soured. Hayley withdrew from Jacob after they became intimate and they were never able to recapture their initial connection.

Jacob was arguably one of the quirkier participants this season. He has an unashamed ardor for all things ’80s, neon and loves a good pair of cowboy boots. He was willing to change his clothes for Hayley, but they ultimately could not get past their inability to effectively communicate and be vulnerable with one another.

It probably won’t be a shock to most viewers that Jacob and Hayley decided to split. It was a decision that Hayley seemed happy about and one that Jacob didn’t have any qualms about either.

Paige & Chris: TBD

Never has there been a couple more confusing than Paige and Chris. Paige’s friends were on the fence about Chris after meeting him at the wedding, and he lived up to their low expectations days later. Their marriage started out with Chris having sex with Paige twice on their wedding night and then telling her the following morning he wasn’t attracted to her.

Paige was loyal to her faith and felt it was God’s plan for her and Chris to be together long-term. Even after Chris said his ex-girlfriend was pregnant, which happened weeks before he walked down the aisle to marry Paige, she was still willing to work things out with him. After multiple incidents of being hot and cold with her, Paige finally cut Chris off after he purchased a Benz for his ex-girlfriend, Mercedes.

On Decision Day it seemed like a formality — or possible ratings grab — for Chris and Paige to sit before the experts. To say the volatile couple didn’t disappoint viewers would be an understatement. Shortly after sitting on the couch together, Chris praised Paige and then told her Mercedes had miscarried their child before abruptly leaving the room.

When they returned to the room, Chris and Paige informed the experts that they weren’t ready to make a decision about their marriage. After some coaxing from Pastor Cal Roberson — and six hours later — Paige finally revealed that she did want to get a divorce.

However, a preview for the tell-all made it seem like the couple has tried to work things out.

Virginia & Erik: Married

Passion is something that Virginia and Erik have never lacked. When viewers first met Virginia she was portrayed as the younger party girl while Erik was a settled older man with a career as a military pilot. Many fans argued Virginia would have to change her ways if things with Erik were to work out.

The couple had no shortage of drama when it came to their segments. They often fought — sometimes after they were drinking — with Virginia saying she did not want to stop hanging out with friends and sleeping on their couches if she was drunk. She feared Erik was trying to control her, where Erik argued Virginia needed to be more stable.

Heading into Decision Day it seemed like Virginia was unsure if she would stay married to Erik but when he got down on one knee and proposed to her she happily accepted.

The preview for the tell-all hinted that they might have split after telling the experts they would stay together.

Briana & Vinny: Married

Briana and Vinny got off to a good start and stayed that way for most of their marriage. Briana was understanding when Vinny’s grandmother suffered from a health scare and tried to learn Spanish so she could communicate with his family. Vinny showed he was listening to Briana when he surprised her with a bicycle and the duo arguably had one of the most harmonious relationships of the season.

It doesn’t mean they didn’t experience some difficult times. During their first meeting at the altar, the officiant told Vinny multiple times that Briana was “bossy,” something that went on to plague Vinny. He didn’t like Briana’s tone sometimes and, in turn, did find her to be bossy.

Briana’s domineering nature wasn’t enough to deter Vinny. Not only did he propose to Briana on Decision Day, he asked Briana to be his wife by opening up a box of cheesecake.

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