Matthew Hoppe Tottenham transfer eyed from Schalke


Literally no one is buying the Ed Woodward story that’s going around today following his resignation as Manchester United chairman.

The unpopular Man Utd chief was announced as leaving Old Trafford shortly after the whole European Super League plan fell through, and it’s now emerged that he didn’t want any part of it at all.

See below as Simon Stone claims Woodward decided to leave the club because he felt he couldn’t support the move…

Unsurprisingly, it seems no one is buying it, with loads of fans taking to Twitter to point out the numerous reasons this almost definitely isn’t true.

Woodward has never quite won over the fans at United, and he hasn’t really covered himself in glory here either.

In fairness, barely anyone at the big six has in this crazy week that saw Man Utd join Man City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Tottenham and Arsenal in attempting to form a new breakaway competition that collapsed almost immediately.