Max Boyens Quits Lisa Vanderpump’s Restaurant


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It’s been nearly one year since scandal rocked the “Vanderpump Rules” cast, but another one of Lisa Vanderpump’s employees has called it quits.

Max Boyens, one of the four cast members fired from the Bravo reality show last year amid a racism scandal, has officially resigned from TomTom, the West Hollywood bar and restaurant he managed for Vanderpump. A rep for Boyens confirmed to Us Weekly that the bar manager officially resigned from TomTom following his firing from the show.

It is unclear exactly when Boyens stepped down from his management position, but there had been some speculation on how he would continue to work at TomTom after being fired by Bravo after just one season on “Vanderpump Rules.”

Last summer, an insider told Us that Boyens and fellow fired cast member Brett Caprioni hadn’t “heard anything in regard to their employment at the restaurants” once SUR and TomTom opened back up following the pandemic shutdowns, and that their job status was “still all being worked out.” Other sources saw Boyens hanging out with members of the “Vanderpump Rules” cast in November, including his TomTom bosses Tom  Schwartz and Tom Sandoval. An insider noted that the Toms “had Max’s back work-wise with TomTom shutting down through the pandemic.”

Boyens even teased his potential return to TomTom late last year.  In  an Instagram post in December he admitted that he missed TomTom and the “amazing team, busy weekends & entertaining guests.”

“We’re in another lockdown here in LA but hopefully this is the last one so we all can enjoy some @tomtom fun soon!” he wrote.

The Toms Have Been Having Trouble Keeping TomTom Staffed

With Boyens out the door, it’s just one more problem bar partners Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz have had in keeping TomTom staffed. During the lengthy pandemic shutdowns, employees were furloughed and were forced to find other work.

“People obviously had to make changes,” Sandoval told CheatSheet. “I know a lot of our staff went back to their hometown to save money on rent.”

He noted that a lot of people in the service industry in L.A. are also in the entertainment industry, so with nothing filming and no auditions to go to, they left the city.

“It’s tough though,” Sandoval added. “It’s harder to find staff. I never thought that would be the case. Living in L.A. myself, job hunting in L.A., I’m used to being like one of the 30 people that are trying to get a job as a bartender.”

Only a Few ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Cast Members Still Work at Lisa Vanderpump’s Restaurants

While Boyens really was a bar manager at TomTom, many of the “Vanderpump Rules” cast members are not employed full time at Lisa Vanderpump’s restaurants—or even part-time.

In a recent interview on the Daddy Issues podcast,  Jax Taylor revealed he was “paid a lot of money to be that douchebag, that villain, that guy” on  “Vanderpump Rules” and that he “amped it up “ on camera. But he stopped short of pulling real shifts behind the bar.

“I was on the show for nine years. I made a lot of money and I was happy,” he said. But Taylor, who quit “Vanderpump Rules” in December,  added that it wouldn’t be “realistic” for him to pretend to be a bartender at SUR anymore because he hasn’t been an actual employee there in years.

“It’s not realistic,” Taylor said. “It’s not fair for the viewers. I haven’t realistically worked at SUR for like six years.”

In addition, Scheana Shay told the “Knot Too Taboo” podcast that only a  few of her co-stars, including Taylor and Ariana Madix, actually clocked in at SUR. According to TooFab, Shay dished that several of the show’s bartenders would “guest” bartend once in a while, but added, “It’s not realistic to have people who have been on a television show for 8 years really working an 8-hour shift at a restaurant.”

Shay added that she and the veteran “Vanderpump Rules” co-stars only worked regular shifts at SUR until season four of the Bravo hit.

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