Maxx Cheng Death Dead – Maxx Cheng Obituary: Cause of Death

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Maxx Cheng Death Dead – Maxx Cheng Obituary: Cause of Death

Maxx Cheng was one of Claremont’s finest young men who was recently lost during this pandemic. Maxx was athletic, intelligent, funny, and mature and was voted Class President of Chaparral Elementary before heading off to El Roble. He played the viola with El Roble’s orchestra, was part of El Roble’s Speech and Debate team and competed in swimming (photo here at his recent competition).

Max leaves behind an amazing twin brother named Leo who is equally impressive and our hearts are with Leo at this time.

We are 3 moms who watched Maxx and Leo grow up with our children as friends, and we want to help their family through this difficult time.

Any funds received will go directly to Charlyn, their mom to manage the final arrangements.

***Please do not tip Gofundme- you can change the amount to zero
(let all the funds go to Charlyn)

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  1. It’s unfortunate that many of us are relegated to using this rather impersonal Internet to send each and every one of you Dear Souls in Maxx’s grieving family our genuine, heartfelt condolences not only now, but especially now when it’s so very hard to truly comprehend that Maxx has left this earth and passed on to where his heart has been. He isn’t lost!!! You know exactly where he is! Undoubtedly, Maxx is now in Heaven with our God whom he loves. Thanks for including his love for God in his well written obituary.

    I am another mother with unending grief since the deaths, 14 1/2 months apart, of 2 of our 3 dearly beloved daughters. Therefore my heart and eyes, like those of countless others, have been personally deeply touched and moved to tears and prayer for each of you by when reading the very sad account of your precious Maxx’s passing. When one of her sons was tragically killed, years before we were born, apparently our grief-stricken, dearly cherished, paternal Gramma often cried, “There’s no grief like a mother’s grief!” As a sorrowful mother like you, Mrs. Cheng, surely you heartily agree. Our maternal Grampa was much older than you, Leo, but I’ll never forget his unspeakable, grievous shock that swiftly drove him to bow down as though in physical pain when the absolutely unbelievable word came by telephone from Scotland of his identical twin brother’s sudden death. Leo, I’m sure that you, too, certainly will cry, “There’s no grief like a twin’s grief!” Grampa never was the same again without his identical twin brother, his “other half”.

    I pray that you, too, love our Lord & Savior, Jesus Christ. As Maxx knew, Jesus is the one and only Way to get to Heaven.

    May God bless & keep all of you today, tomorrow and always,
    Lea Cameron
    Cranbrook, B.C.
    CANADA 🇨🇦

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