Meet Mr. Big, the Dog Who Stars in ‘Hearts Down Under’

Meet Mr. Big, the Dog Who Stars in ‘Hearts Down Under’

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Meet Mr. Big.

The Hallmark Channel’s newest movie, Hearts Down Under, premieres on Saturday, April 24. While Cindy Busby and Tim Ross are headling the movie, their furry co-star might have stolen the show. The dog named Mr. Big portrayed the role of Spatch in the movie. He may lead a glamorous life now, but it didn’t start as glamorously.

Mr. Big Had a ‘Big’ Role in the Movie

The movie was filmed in Australia in December 2019, before the pandemic hit. It aired in Australia in 2020 as Romance on the Menu before airing on The Hallmark Channel in April 2021.

Nadine Terens shared a photo of Mr. Big and wrote, “Our Actor Mr Big standing in for eyeline.” One person responded, “Too adorable” and Terens replied, “5 paw rating would pet.”

In an interview with Fansided, Busby talked a bit about Mr. Big.

She said: “His real name is Mr. Big, which I think is hilarious for all of you Sex and the City fans out there. So I called him, Mr B, but every time I saw him on set I was like, ‘Mr B!’ And I got really high pitched, which I’m sure he didn’t hear, but I got so excited. I have worked with so many dogs in so many movies and I just am obsessed with animals. So any opportunity I get to work with animals I’m like, ‘Yes, please. Sign me up immediately, thank you.’”

In December 2019, when filming wrapped, Brisbane’s Film and Trickdogs posted on Facebook: “We finished filming for a Hallmark movie yesterday #romanceonthemenue🎬🎬🎬🎬🎬🎬 We had a fantastic time with a great crew, actors, and amazing catering Mr. Big nailed it, after not giving his 100% on the first day 🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪 He broke a few hearts, and we can’t wait to see the final cut 🎬🎬🎬🎬🎬🎬


Busby loved working with Mr. Big.

Here’s another cute photo of Busby with Mr. Big.

Everyone was impressed with Mr. Big!

Mr. Big Was Rescued from a Puppy Mill

Mr. Big’s life didn’t start as glamorously as it is now. He was rescued from a puppy mill, Hearts Down Under shared in a Facebook post.

His favorite food is homemade dog biscuits that his mom, Bente, prepares for him.

You can find his favorite biscuit recipe and make it for your dog here.

Also starring in the movie are:

  • Cindy Busby (Caroline Wilson)
  • Tim Ross (Simon Cook)
  • Naomi Sequeira (Beth)
  • Joey Vieira (Nathaniel)
  • Peter Bensley (Dale)
  • Marita Wilcox (Marla)
  • Barbara Bingham (Denise)
  • Perry Mooney (Molly)
  • Jenny Wynter (Doreen)
  • Isla Long (Young Caroline)
  • Gavin Zimmerman (Alex)
  • Jordan Small (Sally)
  • Fletcher O’Neill (Tony)
  • Jess Davis (Engagement Couple)
  • Tyson Hoffman (Engagement Couple)
  • John Boyd (Jimmy)
  • Diva Cory (Mondial Inspector)
  • Bryan Rance (Chef Nick)
  • Jan Cranitch (Chef Shannon)
  • Javier Roman (Chef)
  • Kaitlin Evans (Chef)
  • Michelle Espinosa (Chef)
  • Menchu Juan (Chef)
  • Mimi Abarico (Building Inspector)
  • Simon Bailey (Taxi Driver)
  • Nadia Taher (Waitress)
  • Aditi Aditi (Nathaniel’s Friend)
  • Innocent Oramu (Nathaniel’s Friend)
  • Simeon Ong (Nathaniel’s Friend)

When the movie premiered on Netflix in New Zealand and Australia in September, it quickly trended in those countries.

The U.S. premiere will likely help Mr. Big’s career get even “bigger.”

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