Megan fox as Working Mom in Hollywood; The Unforgiving Experience

Megan Fox as a working mom revealed the pressures and expectations in Hollywood on The Kelly Clarkson Show on Thursday and showed there is no easy way to be a mom even if you are a celebrity.

The 34-year-old model and actress who is mostly famous for her well-known “ Transformers” film series, happens to be a mother to her three sons from her ex-husband.

She has opened up that the reality of having lives and being mothers as women has not adapted in Hollywood yet. She went on to say that the stress of being a new mom combined with the pressure of having to return to work and being camera-ready.

“I had to be on a TV show,” Megan talking to Kelly “So in your brain, you’re delivering, and I’m like, ‘OK, well I’ve got to lose 30 pounds in eight weeks that creates a lot of tension and a lot of stress and a lot of anxiety for us to go back to work too early.”

She said that not wanting to lose opportunities, and also, thinking of giving up and just being a mom, creates both guilds and anxiety.

“You go to work too soon to satisfy those people, and then you have the guilt of, I shouldn’t have gone back this soon,” she added… “Now I’m a bad mom. My baby will always have this imprint on them. I’ve done something wrong.”Megan concluded, “ The stress from both sides is intense.”

Megan fox Having Powerful Women in Hollywood

Megan Fox reminded her working experience during her pregnancy as “ unforgiving”. She has claimed that the film industry does not want you on camera due to changes in a person’s body.

“It is like having a handicap, where they don’t want you on camera,” she continued “ once you have the baby, the industry also blames mothers for frequently having to nurse their newborns, as it “costs” the filmmakers’ money.”

Megan said she is not sure how can it be done to adapt the industry for working mothers better, but it starts with having powerful women in Positions, When she was asked what can be done to better adapt the industry for working mothers

According to Fox, as more women rise up the ranks, and are in control and power in Hollywood, then obviously those things will change.

“It makes sense that it’s played out this way.” she continued hopelessly that it has been patriarchy for so long that the power’s been in the hands of people who don’t understand and haven’t been made to understand.

She talked about Amy Schumer, The comedian, who was also under too much pressure and joked about being mom-ashamed on stage for coming back to work too soon.

Megan Fox Britney Spears Impression

Chatting with Kelly Clarkson, Megan Fox showed her Britney Spears impression. She said that how she tries to get rid of her fears and anxiety by listening to Britney’s songs.

She explained “What I did and what I do recommend to people if you hit turbulence and you’re like, ‘I don’t like how this feels,’ I would throw on certain music that I just knew I wasn’t gonna die too, which … for me that was Britney Spears ― like the archives from when I was young. So, like the ‘Oops!’ album,”

She talked more about her Britney Spears impression and her fear of flying. She said that the song “Oops, I did it again” from Britney has helped her tremendously to get over this fear:

“I was like, ’I’m kind of pushing the statistics now because I’m flying so often, and that’s where the fear came from, because it’s like, yeah if you fly twice a year you’re good, but not if you’re flying like twice a week.” she said to Kelly, “I’m not a girl, not yet a woman, That’s not the soundtrack to my death, So, that always made me feel better.”

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