Megan Goltz-Clemetson Shot Dead, Cause of Death – Megan Goltz-Clemetson Obituary

Megan Goltz-Clemetson Death – Shot Dead : Megan Goltz-Clemetson, of Hagerstown, Maryland, has been recognized as the casualty in a Christmas Eve deadly shooting in Washington County.

Raymond Clemetson, 42, is blamed for lethally shooting his better half, Goltz-Clemetson, close to Hagerstown on Thursday.

As per reports, Hagerstown Police Department appointees reacted to a call of a homegrown unsettling influence at 286 Potomac Heights Blvd on Thursday. At the point when they showed up, 39-year-old Goltz-Clemetson was discovered perished of gunfire wounds. Police additionally discovered three kids at the home.

Clemetson later handed himself over to Hagerstown Police. He was set up for various homicide and attack charges.

The reason for the destructive occurrence stays under scrutiny.


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