Mehcad Brooks Would Be “Honored” To Portray DMX In A Biopic

Mehcad Brooks Would Be "Honored" To Portray DMX In A Biopic

The actor spoke about DMX’s influence & stated that he “would be blessed” if he could tackle the role of the late rapper.

We haven’t even laid him to rest yet and there are already conversations about who would portray DMX in a biopic. The world was dealt a devastating blow when DMX succumbed to a heart attack, and since that time, there has been an outpouring of love in honor of the late star. DMX was a beloved figure who balanced faith and his internal battles, but his vulnerability made him an artist, and a man, unlike any other.

Don’t be surprised to hear talks of DMX biopics in the days to come because the captivating story of Earl Simmons’s life reads much like a storyline plucked out of a movie. Mehcad Brooks toyed with the idea of portraying X while visiting The Clay Cane Show on SiriusXM. The Mortal Kombat star was asked if he would tackle such a role and it’s something that Brooks welcomed with open arms.

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“So everybody talks about like, DMX is not the greatest rapper alive. I understand that. Everybody talks about Tupac, everybody talks about Biggie, everybody talks about Jay-Z, Andre 3000, Eminem, Kendrick. Got it. But DMX spoke to me in a way that no other rapper did,” Brooks said. “DMX was our heavy metal. He was our heavy metal.”

“And I liked Metallica, I liked Mötley Crüe, I liked that kind of stuff. I grew up with a varied taste in music,” he added. “So, when I heard DMX, I was like, this is our rockstar. This is our heavy metal rockstar. So I grew up just like this [shows fingers crossed] with DMX in my ears the whole time.”

After being told that he would fit well in a DMX biopic, Brooks said, “Listen, I would be blessed. I would honor his memory in such a way, and I would be honored and humbled. From your lips to God’s ears. We’ll see.” Watch Mehcad Brooks’s interview in its entirety below.