Miana Charity Death Dead – Miana Charity Shot Dead, Miana Charity Obituary

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Miana Charity Death Dead – Miana Charity Shot Dead, Miana Charity Obituary

With a heavy heart, It is painful to say our family has been rocked to the core with the unexpected loss of our precious Miana Charity. Miana was fun loving, happy spirited, spunky, and had the most beautiful soul. She loved to dance, (as her TikTok page proves), being around family and friends, and she was an all around beautiful child to be around. Miana loved to make people laugh, and always put a smile on anyone’s face. She made everyone she encountered happy. Miana had a soft spot for animals, and enjoyed the zoo, as that was just apart of her nature. Miana just celebrated her 12th birthday in June, and was ecstatic about it. There are simply not enough words to express the person she was, and the person she was destined to be. She was loved by all she encountered. Words seem inadequate to express our pain at the unexpected loss of our daughter, sister, niece, cousin and friend. She was a unicorn, always adorned in bright colors and her attitude to match! At her young age, she was an icon! The perfect example of what it was to be a loving, genuine, kind and caring soul. We would want nothing more than for her to have the home going she deserves. I appreciate you all for taking the time to read about her, and I would like for anyone to have known her to post any memories or stories they may have. Thank you all so much for being here with and for us in this emotional time.


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