Mike Sorrentino Teases Information About the Return of ‘Jersey Shore: Family Vacation’

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Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino is photographed at the “Jersey Shore Family Vacation” premiere in 2018.

Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino is eagerly awaiting the arrival of his first child, due later this month. The “Jersey Shore” star is also quite excited about something else that will soon be debuting. 

Mike Sorrentino Teased Information About the Upcoming Episodes of “Family Vacation”

On an episode of Mike and his wife, Lauren’s podcast, “Here’s The Sitch With Mike & Laurens,” uploaded on May 4, the father-to-be teased some information about the return of “Jersey Shore: Family Vacation.” As fans of the MTV reality series are aware, the midseason finale aired in February, and the show has since been on a hiatus. 

Mike assured his listeners that they “will be getting more information shortly on when the new season is airing.” He also noted that the trailer for “Jersey Shore: Family Vacation” season 4, part 2, should be released in the near future.

“I’m going to be really hyped for the trailer. I wonder what they are going to put in it because it’s bananas,” said Mike.

Lauren then revealed that she was excited to watch the new episodes and noted that the latter part of the fourth season was “just so different than every other season that’s even been recorded.” Mike shared her opinion and noted season 4, part 2, was filmed in a cold climate.

Lauren disclosed that some cast members “didn’t really love the cold.” Her husband, however, asserted that he “didn’t mind it much” and explained that he was grateful to be filming, regardless of the weather.

“I’m a big fan of filming. I’m a big fan of making good TV so, you know, if the weather was cold, it’s fine we just do some cold-weather activities and things like that. So you guys are going to see a really funny and wild season, and like I say, we’re going to keep making these shows as long as you keep watching,” said the 38-year-old.

The Sorrentinos did not reveal the exact location of where “Family Vacation” season 4, part 2 was filmed. However, in March, TMZ reported that production likely took place at the Woodloch Resort, located in Pennsylvania’s Pocono Mountains.

The Couple Have Discussed Watching the Reality Series With Their Son

In a different episode of “Here’s The Sitch With Mike & Laurens,” posted on April 20, Mike and Lauren revealed that they were looking forward to watching “Family Vacation” season 4, part 2, with their son. 

“I’m really excited that we’re going to be home with our baby watching it when it airs. How cool is that?” said Lauren. 

Her husband agreed with her sentiment and suggested he wanted his son to watch “Family Vacation” because he has been able to turn his life around after five years of sobriety. 

“Listen we have such an awesome, beautiful, you know, come back story and we continue to go down, you know, the right road and make the right decisions,” explained Mike. 

In an April interview with Daily Pop, the couple addressed if their son will be able to watch the “Jersey Shore,” which was on the air from 2009 to 2012. Mike disclosed that he will be “show[ing] ‘Jersey Shore: Family Vacation’ first because that series shows [his] comeback.” He then revealed that he will “probably wait until he’s 18 so he can watch ‘Jersey Shore,’ the original series.”

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