Mike Stobaugh Bastrop TX | Mike Stobaugh Death, Obituary, Cause of Death

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Mike Stobaugh Cause of Death | Former Ark & Texas HS hoops coach Mike Stobaugh has passed away. He died on July 3, 2020.

Mike Stobaugh cause of death is still unknown, we will update this as soon as we have much information to pass across.

Friends, Family and Loved ones are heard mourning the passing of their beloved one.

Patrick Widders Wrote;

Had the pleasure of working with Mike at Harrison High School. Mike and I coached the girls there. He was a great assistant and had a great coaching mind. I enjoyed our visits (texting) while he was in the hospital. Often times our visits were spiritual in nature.

He had a concern for the underdogs in this world. I know he sought a deeper understanding of God and I truly believe he found it and was at peace. RIP my friend. I will see you on the other side.

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