Military expert predicts Putin’s next move will be Blitzkrieg in Ukraine – What We Know!

Military expert Stuart Crawford says Putin and Russia will unleash a blitzkrieg on Ukraine

There may be solely actually one rule of warfare, and that’s to get there first with essentially the most troops. All the pieces else is element. And that’s precisely what Putin has accomplished in Ukraine.

Within the wee small hours of this morning the Russian army, aided by the forces of its shopper state Belarus, began their assault within the Donbas area. In a Russian model of the USA’s notorious ‘shock and awe’ techniques of conflicts previous, it started with an assault on Ukrainian air defence and communications programs, designed to incapacitate and disrupt and grant a free hand to the Russian airforce. It’s precisely the identical method the Gulf Warfare began in 1991. I do know, I used to be there.

What are Russian techniques more likely to be now that battle has primarily been joined? They’ve lengthy espoused the doctrine of what they name Deep Battle, which is mainly a scaled-up model of the German blitzkrieg. In observe, following on from the institution of air superiority – or not less than air parity – and after crushing artillery bombardment, robust armoured columns crash via the enemy entrance line and drive deep into the enemy’s rear, bypassing factors of great resistance. The purpose is to disrupt, disorient, and dislocate, with the zenith of success being the encirclement and annihilation of enemy forces. A fast look at Soviet operations in jap Europe in 1944-45 offers the historic template.

That is what I believe they are going to be looking for to do in Ukraine, and shortly, whereas opponents are shocked and gradual to react. And after they do, Putin can have achieved all and greater than he had hoped for,- and shall be in a dominant place in terms of the inevitable peace negotiations which can ultimately carry hostilities to a halt.

Navy professional Stuart Crawford says Putin and Russia will unleash a blitzkrieg on Ukraine

The Russians have long espoused the doctrine of what they call Deep Battle and using tanks

The Russians have lengthy espoused the doctrine of what they name Deep Battle and utilizing tanks

The Ukrainian State Border Guard Service site damaged by shelling in Kyiv region this morning

The Ukrainian State Border Guard Service web site broken by shelling in Kyiv area this morning

The Russian assault is more likely to have concerned a number of plane together with the Sukhoi Su-25, an armoured floor assault plane which is designed particularly to help floor troops. It has been round for 3 a long time or so now, however updates have stored it related. There may also probably have been some Mig-29 multi-role assault plane plus assault helicopters, most notably their comparatively new Mil MI-28 machine.

For deep assault they are going to have used missiles, most likely the Kalibr air and sea launched land assault missile, their equal of the US Tomahawk. Suppression of Ukrainian border troops has most likely been carried out by typical artillery and multi-barreled rocket launchers just like the BM 21 Grad.

How can Ukraine defend itself towards such an onslaught? Sadly, the reply is with nice issue. Outnumbered and outgunned, its choices are restricted. Personally, my recommendation can be to not attempt to defeat the Russians in open warfare, which is a hiding to nothing. If a stand is to be made, then most likely the large expanses of the Dniepr river is the obvious pure impediment, however that will imply the ceding of a lot territory.

Stuart Crawford was a regular officer in the Royal Tank Regiment for twenty years, retiring in the rank of Lieutenant Colonel

Stuart Crawford was an everyday officer within the Royal Tank Regiment for twenty years, retiring within the rank of Lieutenant Colonel

An explosion lights up the night sky over Kiev in the early hours of Thursday, as Russia launched an all-out attack on Ukraine from north, south and east with bombs, cruise missiles and rockets raining from the skies

An explosion lights up the night time sky over Kiev within the early hours of Thursday, as Russia launched an all-out assault on Ukraine from north, south and east with bombs, cruise missiles and rockets raining from the skies

A huge explosion is seen at Vinnytsia military base, in central Ukraine, as the country comes under all-out attack by Russia

An enormous explosion is seen at Vinnytsia army base, in central Ukraine, because the nation comes below all-out assault by Russia

What’s a Blitzkrieg?

The identify Blitzkrieg is a German phrase which translated means ‘Lightning Warfare’.

It’s used to explain a very aggressive type of warfare first utilized by the Nazis throughout their evil unfold initially of World Warfare II.

The tactic noticed tanks mix with artillery and motorised infantry to hit a selected space to breach the traget’s defences.

In WWII the Luftwaffe can be available to provide air help and take out something that could possibly be a menace to the advance.

The Imperial Warfare Museum says: ‘Radio communications had been the important thing to efficient Blitzkrieg operations, enabling commanders to coordinate the advance and hold the enemy off stability.

‘These methods had been used to nice impact in 1939, when the Polish Military was destroyed in a sequence of encirclement battles. In Might 1940 Hitler attacked France, his panzer divisions smashing via slow-moving French formations and slicing off the British Expeditionary Drive at Dunkirk.

‘Spectacular success was additionally achieved throughout the invasion of the Soviet Union in 1941 and huge numbers of Soviet troops had been captured.’


Nevertheless, trendy armies concern having to battle in city areas greater than nearly the rest. The harm such a tactic would trigger to Ukraine’s cities and cities shouldn’t be underestimated, nor ought to the civilian casualties that are certain to accrue, however city conurbations suck up attacking forces and deny them most of the benefits that superior numbers and tools afford them. The Russians won’t want to become involved in one other Stalingrad or Berlin, and this issue might favour the defenders. It could not, nevertheless, be with out nice price.

The one shock right here is that some individuals, together with our personal politicians, appear to be shocked by the occasions of final night time. The reality is that the chance, nay chance, of simply such an assault has been flagged up by US and UK intelligence sources for months now, however their recommendation appears to have fallen on deaf ears. It’s a basic case of collective cognitive dissonance.

In army circles the ‘menace’ is normally understood to comprise the weather of functionality and intent. Russia’s functionality has by no means been unsure, and the transparency supplied by trendy surveillance programs shortly confirmed the construct up of troops in preparation for what we now know to be an invasion. All the weather had been there – together with crucial and important logistic stockpiling of ammunition and medical provides which normally precede army operations.

What was not so clear, nevertheless, was Putin’s intent. The Russians have lengthy been professional within the artwork of maskirovka, a doctrine masking a variety of measures design to camouflage and deceive. While concealing the {hardware} might show tough, Putin’s programs of motion have been intentionally ambiguous till it’s too late for NATO and the West to react successfully.

As for NATO and the West, nicely, there’s treasured little that may be accomplished. Supply of weaponry and provides might delay the end result, and should delay it for lengthy sufficient for the Russians to weary of battle and search peace, however that’s about it. Politicians can wring their arms and categorical ‘solidarity’, however that basically gained’t reduce it. Nor can we Brits ship in troops as a result of we don’t actually have a military that’s as much as the duty.

Within the ultimate evaluation, the destiny of Ukraine lies within the arms of its individuals, however pleasant phrases and encouragement from worldwide allies. They usually face a bleak rapid future.

Stuart Crawford was an everyday officer within the Royal Tank Regiment for twenty years, retiring within the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. He now works as a defence and safety advisor