More Teen Titans Revealed For Fortnite Season 6

Epic Games / Warner Bros.

One of the surprises of Fortnite Season 6 that sort of went under the radar for many players is the addition of Raven into the Battle Pass.

For those out of the loop, Raven is a member of DC’s Teen Titans and it looks like she’s calling for even more help. This is a tight-knit group of characters, so she’s hoping help will come for her.

In a couple of comics, it was revealed that Raven was calling out for Beast Boy and he has answered her call.

This crossover comes at a curious time because it’s also the same time as Batman and other characters from his universe are romping through the world of Fortnite.

Here’s what we know about Beast Boy coming to Fortnite.

Beast Boy Joins the Game

In a new comic panel released by Fortnite, you can see Epic drop a massive teaser that  confirms Beast Boy’s arrival into the game.

The panel talks about a person named “Gar,” which just happens to be Beast Boy’s nickname. If that wasn’t enough for you, there’s also a look at a silhouette that shows off Beast Boy’s hair and ears.

While he might not be the first choice for many players to come to the game, he’ll definitely be a welcome addition.

With Raven and now Beast Boy in Fortnite, one has to wonder if the whole cast will eventually be joining them. This would be Robin, Starfire and Cyborg would all have to make the jump over to the game.

None of that is confirmed at this point, but it will be something to wonder about.

How to Get Beast Boy

First reported by Fortnite leakers FireMonkey and ShiinaBR, there will be a Teen Titans Cup where you can unlock the Beast Boy skin early, something Epic later confirmed.

This is similar to the tournaments back in Season 4 that allowed players to get the Marvel skins for free before they hit the Item Shop. Of course, not every player will be able to get skin this way.

If you’re unable to come away with the skin for free, you’ll be able to pick up the bundle in the Item Shop on May 13. It’ll come with the skin, the Couch Titan Back Bling and BB’s Bonk Bat pickaxe. Beast Boy will have a built-in emote that allows him to transform into his Gorilla form.

The question that remains now is if Beast Boy will be the end of the Teen Titans in Fortnite or if there will be even more characters joining them in the future.

We still have plenty of time in Season 6 for Epic to debut more from the DC roster, so we’re excited to see what they’re able to cook up next.

For the time being, we’ll at least have Raven and Beast Boy. Remember, Raven is exclusive to the Battle Pass, so if you don’t get her this season you’ll miss out on your chance to ever get her.

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