Ms. Marvel Trailer Breakdown: New Powers and More! – What We Know!

Ms. Marvel trailer - Kamala Khan has sparklefists!


Seeing Kamala Khan with vibrant, glowing fists is among the finest Easter eggs of this complete trailer. It’s not a basic Kamala Khan energy, however it’s a basic Ms. Marvel energy – if we’re speaking about Carol Danvers’ Ms. Marvel. Within the comedian books, earlier than she was Captain Marvel, she was Ms. Marvel, and Kamala took up the identify Ms. Marvel as a result of she so regarded as much as Captain Marvel and her earlier title was vacant.

Once they finally meet, Captain Marvel teases her for it however provides her approval. These highly effective, glowing fists earned Carol Danvers the nickname Princess Sparklefists, which she pretended to hate however secretly beloved, so right here’s hoping somebody makes use of it for Kamala.

Ms. Marvel trailer - Kamala Khan uses powers to close door

Kamala’s powers on the entire appear to be extra tangible for the MCU, together with her capturing some form of power to shut a door, making a safety defend, and primarily creating steps to run via the air. Having projectiles calls to thoughts Spider-Man, one other teenage fan of heroes, and it’s a great way for her to have a non-lethal technique of combating.

Ms. Marvel trailer - Kamala Khan walks on air

Among the best components about this model of Kamala Khan is that she will be able to discover her approach via the air, despite the fact that she will be able to’t fly. It’s a capability with some fascinating limitations for writers to play with (villains might smash or perhaps soften her steps), whereas nonetheless permitting her to be up within the sky with Captain Marvel and different heroes within the broader MCU.

Ms. Marvel trailer - Kamala Khan's power cuff

The Energy Cuff

The cuff Kamala places on is a key component of her basic costume within the comics, however right here it appears to be functioning in relation to her powers. Is it a supply, augmenting them, focusing them, dampening them so she doesn’t by accident take out her entire faculty? Making the cuffs purposeful is a cool strategy to convey her costume into her origin story, piece by piece.

Ms. Marvel trailer - Kamala Khan in costume

Ms. Marvel’s Costume

Talking of Kamala’s costume, we catch a glimpse of the ultimate iteration of it right here. Her earlier costume has that selfmade really feel and appears like a tackle Captain Marvel’s, however her eventual costume is a salwar kameez, in a nod to her background. It’s comfy, purposeful, and age-appropriate, and right here’s hoping she will get to maintain the Ms. Marvel lightning bolt on the entrance.