My Identity Update December 27, 2020 Sunday Updates

My Identity Update

My Identity Update December 27, 2020 Sunday Updates – Ali and Avni boarding the school transport. Asha gets down on her and pursues the transport to offer tiffin to Avni. Ali converses with Avni about the tiffin, what did she get today. He sees Asha and reveals to Avni that Asha is running behind the transport.

He requests that driver stop transport. Asha offers tiffin to Ali. They leave. Ali contends with Kia in the class. Kia asks what is Avni composing, perhaps she didn’t get her work done, lets see. She proceeds to take Avni’s duplicate. Avni requests that her return the book. Kia can’t. Avni says this is my last admonition. Kia says this young lady is frantic, hear it companions, what did she write in her book, I won’t be furious with her dad, helpless young lady, her dad didn’t come on games day, she composed this on all pages. The cohorts snicker.

Avni requests the book. Ali and Avni attempt to grab the book. Educator comes and asks whats going on. Kia says the two of them are beating me. Ali says she is lying. Kia says I was doing entireties, I asked help from Avni, she has beaten me. Instructor asks Avni to show her totals. She checks Avni’s book and asks whats this. She chastens Avni. She asks did you beat Kia. Avni says I was simply taking my book back. Instructor says out of my group, proceed to remain in hall. Avni says hear truth first, all seniors are same, they don’t state truth and don’t hear as well. Ali says I will likewise go with my closest companion. The two of them go out. Ali asks Avni for what good reason did she say truth.

Avni says I won’t lie. Ali asks what do you need. Avni says don’t have a clue, I m confounded, I m irritated with Papa, I love him a great deal, this is truth.

Sumi offers tea to Asha and asks her not to stress. Asha says Avni never did this, I got down on her and she didn’t turn, I figured she will get typical, however this time she is inflexible to know truth. Ashok inquires as to why not disclose to her reality. Sumi asks what are you saying. Ashok says for what reason to mislead conceal own errors, advise truth to Avni, Avni is stressed here and Ashish’s mum is additionally stressed, she pulled Ashish and took him around evening time, I was unable to see. Asha asks what. Ashok asks Avni for what reason does she not advise truth to Avni on the off chance that she is right.

She reviews Ashish’s words and leaves. Sumi asks Ashok what was the need to state this.

Hemant converses with Neela. She asks him for what valid reason did he make her nearby eyes. He giggles and says I got philosophical, open eyes now. She asks what is it. He shows her the amazement, with her youth pics with her mum. She grins. Hemant plays his better half’s directive for Neela. He signs Neela to come and hear her mumma. Neela cries and hears her mum’s message. Her mum says I can’t see Neela’s marriage, else I would have prepared her.

She depicts the marriage dress, and says I chose every one of your dresses, I gave great rundown to your Papa, recall one truth, life will attempt to bomb you by breaking your fantasies, however you never lose, when your fantasies satisfy, at that point satisfy other’s fantasies, when dreams kick the bucket, you pass on, I didn’t allow dreams to bite the dust, not mine and not of others, I clarified Hemant well, he is a pearl. Neela embraces the recorder. Her mum tells about marriage restricting two individuals, however connection is lovely when it ties two hearts, no two individuals are indistinguishable and none is awesome, so magnificence of connection is to see one another, discover goodness, at that point see life will get incredible. Hemant and Neela cry. Her mum says my adoration and gifts are consistently with you, I love you to such an extent. Neela embraces Hemant and says I additionally love you Maa.

Hasmukh comes to meet Dayaben at her office and sees her chiding the individuals. She sends them and asks Hasmukh to sit. She asks what will you have. He says nothing. She actually inquires. He says espresso. She requests that man get buttermilk and says espresso isn’t useful for wellbeing. She says you are Ashish’s companion. Hasmukh says truly, prior to turning into your child in law. She says on the off chance that I keep the two relations and gauge, which will be more. He says kinship. She says I m happy, you realize Ashok was four year old, he said he needs to fly, I clarified him a great deal that people can’t fly, he disagreed, at that point one day he hopped from a tall tree, I needed to take him to clinic and keep him there for one month.

He says indeed, I recollect, Ashish advised this to me. She asks then he would have mentioned to you what he has stowed away from me, disclose him to fail to remember that Muslim young lady, he is unyielding once more, on the off chance that he falls this time, I won’t lift him. He says I will attempt. She says don’t attempt, guarantee me that you will prevent him from tumbling down. She requests that he have margarine milk. She says keep companionship currently, deal with your companion.

Ali and Avni talk while standing apart of the class. Chief asks Avni for what good reason is she remaining outside. She converses with the instructor and says Avni is a splendid understudy, for what reason did you rebuff her. Educator shows Avni’s book and says Avni was beating different children in class. Chief asks Avni what is this.

Avni says I don’t need to disclose anything to anybody. Ali says she is head mam. Avni asks what will I do, I m not terrified of anybody.

Avni calling from school. She reveals to Asha that vital mam called you and Papa. Asha inquires as to why, what occurred. Avni closes call. Ali asks when did head mam call your father, for what reason did you lie. Avni says I need to know truth and I will know it. Neela converses with the young lady Anji, and discovers her hurt. Anji is harmed as her folks deceived her. Neela requests specialist to take care from Anji. She says for what reason does guardians lie and not comprehend kids’ agony, truth harms once and lie harms over and over.

Asha prepares and applies bindi. She leaves for Avni’s school. Ali’s mother stops her, and asks are you going to class, Ali called and requested that I come, for what reason are you frightened. Asha asks is your better half not going. Ali’s mother says for what reason to stress, there is no requirement for him. Sumi comes and asks where are they going. Ali’s mother says we are called at school. Asha says Avni called and requested that I come. Sumi inquires as to for what reason did Avni call you. Ali’s mother says possibly she accomplished something. They take a taxi and depart.

Ali converses with peon and stresses that his mother won’t leave him. He asks Avni for what good reason did she battle today. Avni asks who advised you to get in the middle. He asks will your Papa come to meet head mam.

Ashish is at youngsters’ NGO. He gets Hasmukh’s call. Hasmukh says I need to talk something pixie, Dayaben called me at office and requested that I clarify you, in the event that you fall this time, she won’t save you. Ashish asks what did you say. Hasmukh says I said I will attempt, issue expanded after commitment with Neela, Dayaben won’t acknowledge Asha and Avni, what did you choose. Ashish says nothing, I can’t fail to remember my little girl. Hasmukh requests that he think well. Ashish asks what might you be in the event that you were in my place. Hasmukh says I would have settled Asha and Avni some place and get back. Ashish says it implies you were unable to comprehend my concern, much appreciated. Hasmukh attempts to clarify, and Diksha hears him. Ashish closes call.

Diksha questions on him and questions. He jokes. He asks her not to question and persuades her.

Ashish calls Asha. Neela sees Ashish. Asha finds down the taxi and solutions his call. He says sorry, I was unable to peruse your message on schedule, is everything fine. Neela says you here, its my day of reckoning. He asks Asha to pause. He offers check to Neela for her NGO and says I will go. Neela requests that he come, and takes him. Ashish says I have continuous call, pause. He reveals to Asha that he will call later and closes call.

Asha gets thinking. Ali’s mother keeps notes and asks Asha to pay the taxi passage. Asha pays the charge. Ali’s mother says head madam Shri knows me well, I come here regularly, don’t stress, they call guardians and tell about the child. Asha doesn’t keep in touch with her last name in register and goes.

Neela asks Ashish to keep in touch with her name as Neela Parekh Mehta next time. He expresses profound gratitude, I will go at this point. She requests that he sit, how is he going this way. She asks him are you content with this connection. He asks which connection. She says our connection. He reviews Dayaben’s words. He says I m upbeat. She asks sure. He says truly, for what reason do you feel so. She says don’t have the foggiest idea, since I m dumb. She requests that he please lunch, figure what to eat, don’t worry me.

Ali says I m eager, sorry. Ali’s mother reproves him. Asha asks Avni what occurred. Asha and Avni are called by head mam. Shri says Avni is a splendid young lady, however the thing she composed on journal. She shows note pad to Asha. Shri says the issue is the reason she composed this, what occurred. Asha reviews Avni’s displeasure on Ashish. Shri inquires as to for what reason is Avni irritated with her Papa, where is he, I might want to have a word with you, I asked Avni’s all educators, he didn’t go to any PTM, nobody has seen him till now, what is the explanation. Asha gets strained and says dislike that, he remains occupied in work. Shri asks so what, each parent is occupied in work. Asha says he isn’t in city. Avni cries seeing Asha lying. Shri asks since 5 years?

Asha says he was unable to come on games day, he was occupied, he is in deals work, he needs to go to different urban areas, so he remains outside city regularly. Avni peruses the expression there, you lie multiple times, yet truth just a single time. Asha stresses. Shri stops Asha. Avni rehashes the lines and once more. Avni yells. Shri asks Avni what’s wrong. Avni says come clean with her to tell, ask her not to state lie. Avni asks Asha to state truth. She cries and goes.