My Identity Update ‘Monday 28th December 2020’

My Identity 28 December 2020 Update: Head Shireen conversing with Asha. She requests that Asha center around Avni. She says I would prefer not to meddle in your own issues, yet… .. She sees Asha strained and gives her a glass of water.

She discusses Avni and asks how can she act when she blows up. Asha says she doesn’t converse with me out of frustration, I disregard her till her indignation quiets down. Shireen shows the duck and asks do you know her conduct, when ducks swim, they look quiet and lovely, however observing submerged, they move legs quick, kids are such, they look cheerful and they have inquiries inside, they need answers, Avni has a tempest inside and needs to know truth, my recommendation is that you express truth to her, occasionally kids make outrageous strides.

Asha asks outrageous advance? Shireen says in the event that they don’t find solutions, the tempest encompasses them, its my obligation to show you truth, Avni is brilliant young lady, the issues among you and your better half is influencing Avni’s brain, Avni is indicating Duck’s disorder, the issue is more genuine than its appear, request that your significant other invest energy with Avni, deal with her before it gets past the point of no return. Asha goes out and gets some information about Avni. Ali says she has fled. Asha approaches others for Avni.

Ali’s mother Shazia beats Ali. Shireen requests that he change Ali by affection. Shireen asks her not to beat Ali, I will do your grumbling. Shazia says I won’t beat him. Dayaben deals with Hemant. A Muslim man comes and Dayaben dismisses. Hemant sends his packs by the man.

Hemant requests that Dayaben leave it. She requests that he change driver, keep another person, we can’t confide in him. He requests that she change her attitude, whats the issue in this driver. She says I will locate a decent driver. He says don’t drive your attitude on me, come sit, fail to remember everything, whatever occurred with you, you have sitting with disdain, what did you get, new injuries just hurt, let wounds recuperate. She says body wounds mend, not hearts. He attempts to clarify her and says you filled contempt in your heart. She doesn’t tune in. He says you will never concur, leave it.

Ashish is leaving and converses with Neela. A woman informs Neela concerning the young lady who bolted herself. Neela discloses to Ashish that the children attempt to do self destruction, such children who are ill-conceived, Anji confronted something very similar, an outsider man made her mum pregnant and fled, her mum lied that her father will come, yet he never came. Ashish gets stressed.

Neela requests that Anji open the entryway. Ashish attempts to converse with Anji. He says even my heart broke, I believe I don’t merit anybody’s adoration, nobody heard me when I attempted, our affection has power, you help me in mending this injury. Neela cries and requests that Anji consent to her. Ashish says Anji, I need you, it would be ideal if you help me once, make my torment less. He says sorry, I m leaving, converse with me once. He sees Avni in Anji and embraces her. Neela holds Ashish. He at that point sees Anji. He holds her hand and wipes her tears. Neela embraces Anji and asks are you fine, don’t do this once more, advise me if there is anything.

Neela asks Ashish how could you do this. He says it was my content discourse. She says it was not in any of your film. He says its not delivered at this point. She says I should watch it at that point, I m so glad on the off chance that you. She embraces him.

Sumi converses with Ashok. He inquires as to whether Ashish is a decent dad, for what reason did he not please sports day. She says Asha got injured by your words. He says I said what is correct, Asha accepted a lie to be truth, she needs Avni to live that lie, Avni needs to know truth, how might you grab the rights, the fact of the matter is Ashish will never acknowledge Asha and Avni, Avni will be called ill-conceived consistently, truth is she is ill-conceived. Avni hears this and gets stunned.

Avni hearing that she is ill-conceived. Ashok and Sumi get stunned seeing Avni at the entryway. Sumi asks when did you come. Avni says Asha isn’t at home, so I came to take house keys. Sumi says come, I will give you keys. Avni sees Ashok. Ashok stresses. Sumi gives the keys to Avni. She requests that Avni take the coconut laddoos. She says I made this particularly for you. Avni actually takes a gander at Ashok. Sumi cries. Avni quietly leaves.

Avni returns home and composes something. Asha inquires as to for what reason did you not hang tight for me at school, who gave this container, what are you composing. Avni composes Najayaz… .. in her book. She asks Asha is she Avni or Najayaz/ill-conceived. Asha gets stunned and drops the container. She cries and asks who advised this to you. Avni says leave who stated, reveal to me significance of Najayaz. Asha stresses. Avni asks her not to lie, what is the significance. Asha says you are pretty much nothing, you don’t have to know the significance. Avni says I m not little, I need to know meaning. Asha says no compelling reason to know, don’t you comprehend. Avni flees and bolts the entryway from outside, Asha gets down on her.

Avni strolls out and about and reviews Ashok’s words. Affirmative zindagi zinda hun mai… ..plays… … Neela is in transit and calls Ashish. She says sorry, I got late, you converse with Hemant. Her telephone gets off and requests that driver put telephone on charging. Avni comes infront of the vehicle. Neela yells driver to see ahead. Driver turns the vehicle in scratch existing apart from everything else. Avni gets saved. Neela gets down the vehicle. Driver asks Neela what occurred, are you fine. Neela gestures and goes to see Avni. Avni vanishes.

Neela says where did she go, she was here. He says possibly she has frightened and run off. Neela saw Avni’s tears. She says that young lady’s eyes had torment, her eyes were stating something, don’t have the foggiest idea what. Neela cries.

Sumi Tai requests that Asha not message, yet call Ashish, as Avni is missing. Asha calls Ashish. Neela doesn’t let Ashish answer. Hemant asks Neela when did he come. She says quite recently. Hemant asks Ashish whats the issue. Neela tells about the young lady whom she has seen in transit. She stresses for the young lady and says I felt like predetermination got me infront of her. Hemant says there is nothing similar to that, you are with kids throughout the day and perhaps felt so. Neela says no, its something different, that young lady’s eyes had torment, inquires as to whether she was stating something to me. Avni arrives at the high voltage peril territory. Asha asks Ashok did he discover Avni. He says no, its nothing on the off chance that you stress, Avni left due to lie.

Asha says no, she went in view of truth, don’t have the foggiest idea who revealed to her that she is ill-conceived. Sumi says Ashok said. Ashok says Avni heard that from me, I had no aim to cause her to hear it, yet she heard. Sumi says what was the need of this fact. He says Avni needs to know truth sometime in the not so distant future. Sumi cries and apologizes to Asha. Asha says its fine that she knew from friends and family. Ashok requests that she educate police. Asha says no, father’s name will be required. Ali’s folks come to get some information about Avni, and state Ali additionally disappeared. Ali’s father fears that Avni makes any off-base stride, Ali knows where she proceeded to go to her.

Ali goes to Avni and requests that she return home. Avni says I m ill-conceived. Ali asks what, who advised you. She says Ashok stated, do you know importance of it. Ali says no. She inquires as to for what reason did you respond like that at that point. He asks did you ask Asha. She says truly, yet she didn’t state, for what reason do seniors lie. He says on the grounds that nobody beats them, they ask us not to lie as we can get thumped, did you feel awful, come. He embraces her. She says what’s happening with you. He says your heart will join back by my exceptional embrace. She says it didn’t join. He firmly embraces her. She giggles and says indeed, it joined. He says express gratitude toward God, you snickered, come, we will return home, I m hungry. She says no, till I know importance of Najayaz, I won’t return home.