My Identity update Saturday 1st May 2021

My Identity update Saturday 1st May 2021

My Identity 1 May 2021 update: starts with Avni telling Shweta on call that she will get Neil in Ganpati puja, she has bought an idol as well. She thinks to go Jaguda by making any excuse. Riya tells Shweta that Neil threatened her against meeting Avni. Shweta says I have made plan for Avni….. Juhi….. Avni checks there is no electricity. Neil comes to her with candle and says fuse is gone. She says I know repairing it, come. Neil has the fuse and thinks how will she fix this now. She checks and says fuse is missing. He says thieves don’t even leave fuse. She says I will think something. They light more candles.

Avni says something happened today which I want to tell you, I met Ali. He says we will hear you talk later, I want to give you something, which is yours. She asks what. He shows her pendant. She recalls giving the locket to Neil to give him courage. He recalls how he got that locket in hand and got saved from attacker. He says I didn’t get that attacker, but I m glad case 123 is solved, that’s you, there is one formality. Music plays…..He handcuffs her and asks her not to run away.

Riya says I don’t think its any use to tell Neil anything, he blamed me and went when I told him about Ali. Shweta says Ganesh puja will make him remember Juhi, then he will hate Avni, she can never keep Neil happy, none can know this better than me. Juhi does prayers. The diya blows off. Avni asks what are you doing. He says arresting you forever. They have an eyelock.

He gets call. He disconnects. Avni messages Shweta about Neil. She says sorry, I did theft for good, to help others. Neil says you can’t get freed easily now, you were using a police officer. She says sorry, I m ready to do anything, just open this. He says I wanted to hear this from you. He says if you say yes once, you can’t go back, else…. She says fine, I m ready. He says good, I want to know what’s in your heart for me, then I will forgive you. They get close. Neela calls out Avni and asks is everything fine. Neil says what a timing, stay here, this didn’t end, pull your hand, it will get free, you can go, you are free.

Riya meets Dayaben and says Shweta made a plan to break Neil and Avni, Juhi is Neil’s ex GF, she died on Ganesh Chaturthi, so he doesn’t celebrate, I did heart this name before. Riya asks her to see pic. Constable comes and says meeting time is over. Dayaben asks Riya not to make mistake this time. Neela comes. Neil says I will make tea. Neela asks what happened Avni. Ani says don’t know what Neil wants. Neela jokes.

Avni says Neil was asking if I want to get free, and he held me such…. Neela says no personal things, even if we are friends. Avni goes. Neil gets tea. Neela says don’t understand what to do of you two. He says how will I know what’s in her heart. She says its not necessary that someone says what’s in heart, why is Avni not saying anything, it can get too late.

Its morning, Avni talks to Shweta and says I will get Neil and do arrangements as well. Shweta thanks her and smiles. Avni says I wish this work ends soon, then I can take Neil. She sees him working and goes to sleep on couch. Neil sees her sleeping and goes to caress her. He gives her a shoulder. They both sleep. Neil wakes up and gets Avni’s note. She writes she is going for urgent work, come home early at night.

Avni asking Amol to come fast. He asks where are we going. She asks him not to tell Neil and Ali, we have to go to Jaguda. He recalls Gurumaa’s words and makes excuse. She hurries up and they leave. Riya asks Shweta why did she call in morning, why shopping, will Avni leave. Shweta says I want Neil to see everything that reminds her of Juhi, come fast, I want to do this before Bebe and Prakash come. Riya says I will just come. Avni reaches bus depot. She sees ticket counter shut. Amol thinks to call Dayaben. The man announces bus route is stopped because of rains. Juhi tells him that she has to go, its imp. Avni says what a coincident, you here…. we just have to wait. The man says no, we will go home. Avni asks her to come to her home to attend Ganesh puja. She gives her address. The man refuses. Avni comes to Amol. He ends call. She says we will go home, its not possible to go today, its good I have to prepare for puja. They leave.

The man asks Juhi not to cry. Juhi says let me go in Ganesh puja, please. He calls Gurumaa and this girl is crying being adamant to go in Ganpati puja. Gurumaa says so Lord is calling devotee, let her go. He says your fate is very good, come. Neil recalls Avni and says I have to use mind, than heart, I have to find info about blast.


Avni comes home and checks arrangements. Shwetaa welcomes her. Avni thanks her and says I didn’t keep Ganesh puja till now. Shweta says Neil can spend time with family, is he coming. Avni says yes. Neil and Avni get ready. He asks are we going on date in such clothes. She asks don’t you trust me. He says I feel we are going in some puja. She says yes, I mean we have to leave on time for movie. She takes bindi to apply. Neil asks may I? He fixes the bindi. They leave.

Shweta tells Neela that Avni did decorations with her. Amol thinks what’s the matter. Bebe and Prakash come home. Bebe asks what’s all this, is there any function. Maid says Avni came here, she did this, she is getting Neil here. Bebe asks what’s happening. Avni gets Neil. Neela says Avni planned Ganpati puja for Neil. Bebe thinks why did Avni do this, Neil can’t come here. She asks Prakash to do something before Neil comes here. Avni and Neil come at the door. Neil opens eyes. He gets shocked. Avni hugs Bebe and says my belief in Lord is coming back because of Neil, how did you like surprise. Bebe nods.

Neela thinks something is fishy. Neil and his family don’t look normal. Neil says I have some work. Prakash asks what will I tell Avni. Neil says make any excuse, I can’t stay in this puja. Neela thinks what’s the matter. Bebe says come we will do aarti. Prakash says Avni told me she always does Ganpati puja. Neela asks Avni how did she get this idea. Avni asks where is Neil. Neela says he got urgent call from police station, so he had to go. DD comes and asks where is Neil. Avni says he went to police station, don’t you know. Neela thinks they are hiding something. Bebe says Avni shouldn’t know what problem Neil has, she doesn’t know she has scratched Neil’s wounds unknowingly. Prakash says we have to answer her. Shweta says yes, we will say she has hurt Neil’s heart. Bebe asks her to shut up. Shweta says Neil didn’t forget Juhi till now. Prakash says talk slow, if Avni hears then… Avni asks what.

Neil recalls Juhi. He gifts her a Ganpati. She likes it and says I love you. Neil gets troubled. Juhi arrives home and doesn’t see him. Prakash says we were planning surprise. Avni says sorry, I didn’t hear anything, where is Neil. Bebe asks Prakash to say. DD looks on. Avni says I know its a lie, Neil didn’t go to police station, DD would have known it. Bebe says Neil does all work, DD knows nothing, leave all this, come with me, its mahurat for aarti. Avni says no, I won’t attend aarti without him. Shweta asks what happened, is everything fine. Avni says I did all this on your saying, I thought your and Neil’s bitterness will end, don’t know what is Neil hiding, why is he annoyed. Bebe hears everything. She sends Shweta. Bebe asks Avni to go and ask Neil, else others may lie to her. Neil turns towards Juhi and gets shocked seeing her.

Neil saying I was upset. Avni asks why. He says leave it. She says okay, its a gift for us, see. Bebe comes and asks her to see the gift she got for her. Neil asks what did you get. Bebe asks him to see. He sees kamarbandh. Bebe says its gift for Avni and have hidden one for you too, you are super cop, can’t you solve this, you are stupid, I m giving you a reason to come close, this kamarbandh is for Avni, but who will make her wear it, thank me. He thanks her. Bebe goes. Neil goes to Avni. Avni says I will change and come. She runs.

Bebe stops Shweta and says I wanted to have tea made by you. Shweta asks how will you sleep if you have tea now. Bebe says I don’t have to sleep, I have to serve Ganpati. Shweta says I will see Neil and Avni. Bebe says I have seen them, they are happy, you patched up with your bahu, I also want to patchup with my bahu. Amol takes some money and says thank God, Neela left locker open. He calls and says I arranged money. He sees Neela and Fatima and gets shocked. He asks why are they worried and goes to get water. Fatima asks what happened. Neela says Juhi was in Neil’s life, Neil is still upset, he loves her a lot, when I saw Neil and Avni happy, I felt they will be happy always. Amol hears them. Neela says its not like that. Fatima says don’t think so, have water and smile, truth is Juhi was Neil’s past and Avni is his present.

A girl comes to Juhi/Meher and asks which one will suit me. Meher helps her. The lady asks did she get anyone that she is smiling. Meher says I got one whom I love, Ganesh ji, so I got smile on face. Fatima asks Neela to smile now. Amol goes. Neela says I m afraid of Shweta. Fatima asks what did she do now. Bebe says I know I maintained distance, I think I should talk to you. Shweta asks her to have tea. Bebe moves cup away and says I never wanted to trust you, I doubted you a lot. Shweta says forget the past.

Bebe says you are right, I should forget, but who is digging the past, you know right. She shows the pic and scolds her. Bebe thinks how she got the pic from Avni’s room. She burns the pic and says one who went from this world, don’t try to get her back. Shweta says Juhi has gone but she is still there in Neil’s heart, you can’t get Avni in his heart, you can burn many pics, better make Avni out of his life. Bebe slaps her. She asks her not to say this again. She says you proved my thinking about you was right. She goes. Bebe calls Neela and says its good you alerted me today. Shweta crossed limit, she kept Juhi’s pic in Avni’s room, if Avni saw it then, but its all fine now. Neela thanks her. She tells Fatima that Bebe managed. Fatima says Shweta will do something again, Avni shouldn’t have gone there. Neela says I will fight new war every day for Avni’s happiness, I will not let them separate, she is Avni, not Aisha, her fate will be her own, not of anyone else.

Avni sees Neil and DD. DD sees her and says the person who planted bomb in Janmashtami we got to know about him. Neil says I will come along. Prakash asks where are you going ,you had surgery, you need rest. Neil says I m not going alone, team is with me, I can take care. Neil sees Avni and goes. DD shows an envelop to Avni and keeps it there. He goes. Avni gets the envelop and checks. She goes to room and reads DD’s note, that just man’s face is seen in all pics, girl’s face is not seen. He gives that man’s details. Avni checks pics and says whoever you are, I will help you, that man can’t treat you like this. Avni calls Ali and says I need your help.

Neil asks DD and team to be alert and nab that man. Amol gives money to someone. Neil asks a man to help, knock on door and call person out. Neil aims gun at the door. Ali and Avni are on the way. He says you don’t know that girl and going to help her. She thanks him and says I felt like she is in problem and I should help her. Ali proceeds and asks Avni to stay in car. The man knocks door and asks the person to come out, neighbor is calling. Amol comes out. Neil says what’s Amol doing here. Ali sees the man. Avni hears him on call and thinks that man is threatening that girl. She tells Ali that she is coming. Amol sees Neil in mirror.

Avni goes inside the house and sees some other girl with that man. Amol asks the man to push him, its police, push me and run. The man hits him and runs. Neil asks what were you doing here. Amol says that man kept bomb in matki, I was trying to find culprit and came here, Avni was in bad state and I decided to catch that man. Neil asks why did you take big risk, you could have told me, Avni will scold you, don’t hope that I will save you. Amol smiles. The men say he has run away. Neil says you all are useless.

Avni asks who is this girl, where is she who was with you that day. The man scolds her. Ali comes. Avni says I won’t leave you. Ali takes her and asks what do you think of yourself, he is a goon, don’t put life in risk, sit here, and let me find way to get out of here.

Neil asks team to check for any evidence. He asks DD to collect evidence. Amol leaves. Neil says you remember we saved those girls from that society, maybe that pandit did this blast, someone attacked me in hospital, get footage and we will know attacker. Dayaben cleans the floor. She sees Gurumaa and the man. She hears them. The man tells Meher going to Avni’s house, her husband is police officer, we can fall in trouble. Dayaben thinks now Gurumaa will need her help to deal with Neil.