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Mya Johnson

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Who is Mya Johnson?

Mya Johnson is a notable TikTok star who has acquired high acknowledgment through her dance.

Mya Johnson is find of moving and posting the recordings of her dance via web-based media.

The young woman moreover posted a Dubsmash video of Beyonce’s song named, Hold Up in August 2020 that got her reputation and affirmation. Lately, the producer of the acclaimed TikTok dance to Cardi B’s song ‘Up,’ Mya Johnson, has similarly responded to Addison Rae’s comment while playing out the dance on The Tonight Show, saying that she calculates the star should get a critical pushback for the dance video.

Mya Johnson is genuinely a TikTok, she was said to have 608.8k devotees and about 5.7million preferences on her TikTok Account.

Mya Johnson TikTok Age

Mya Johnson is currently 15years old according to the research being carried out.

She was born on December 20, 2005 in the United States of America.

Mya Johnson TikTok Instagram

Famous online media maker who is best perceived for the dance recordings she presents on her theemyanicole Instagram account. Her posts have procured her more than 900,000 supporters.

Mya Johnson Networth

Mya Johnson’s ordinary measure of the total that she obtained from sponsorship from Instagram is between $1,285.5 to $2,142.5. So we expected that she is making some spot in the recently referenced figures.

Mya Johnson’s TikTok Account

Mya Johnson (@theemyanicole on TikTok)