Nate Diaz Wants It: ‘Go Ahead And Make This’ [LOOK]

Nate Diaz Wants It: ‘Go Ahead And Make This’ [LOOK]


UFC Star Nate Diaz

UFC superstar Nate Diaz sent a request to the UFC via social media on Friday night indicating he wants the company to create the now infamous “McGregor belt” that Conor McGregor wants to have made before McGregor’s next fight.

Diaz posted, “@ufc go ahead and make this lil b**** a belt or 2 with rubies or whatever he wants on it. i think he really needs it I need his confidence hi so he can do well so go ahead and make the belt if you would like too And go out there and gettem champ..”.

McGregor Keeps Asking UFC for New Titles

McGregor, 32, previously requested the UFC create a new title belt back on March 31. He posted, “…I feel it’s time to break out this baby for the next fight. I ask the UFC to please create The McGregor belt. I suggest rose gold and rubies. Think patek rare.”

Later that same day, McGregor posted, “Or yellow gold and emeralds possibly. Might be nice also. I’m open to design suggestions. Let’s link up @ufc #TheMcGregorBelt”.

On Friday, McGregor revisited the topic again.

This time, the Irishman suggested the creation of two new UFC belts instead of just one. He posted, “Let’s do two belts actually @ufc. Champ Champ always does two. We’ve got “The McGregor Belt” currently in creation, and now we’ve got the all new “RMF” belt. “The Richest Motherf***** Belt”. This way we can put both the rubies and the emeralds to good use.”


Does Diaz Want Third McGregor Fight?

Diaz, 36, didn’t explicitly say it in his post, but the implication of what he wrote is that Diaz wants McGregor’s confidence high so he will win his upcoming fight against Dustin Poirier at UFC 264 on July 10. A win by McGregor there could help set up another fight against Diaz.

Diaz and McGregor split fights in 2016. Diaz won the first encounter by second-round submission, and McGregor won the decision in the immediate rematch around five months later.

The two rivals have gone back and forth on social media over the last five years and have always seemed on their way to a third fight, but it hasn’t yet happened.

Diaz Fights Again at UFC 262 on May 15

Meanwhile, Diaz faces Leon Edwards in the co-main event of UFC 262 on May 15 in an important battle in the UFC’s 170-pound welterweight division.

A win in that fight might give Diaz the chance to fight for more than just McGregor’s hoped-for new UFC titles. A win over Edwards would potentially net the American a chance at UFC welterweight champion Kamaru Usman.

For that belt, Diaz wouldn’t have to request it to be made. Because it’s already a real thing.

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