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Nathaniel Julius Death | Obituary | Nathaniel Julius Dead | Died | Funeral Plans – We heard about the great loss, that Nathaniel Julius is no more and has reportedly passed away.

We mourn with the family of Nathaniel Julius for this great loss. Please received our heartfelt condolences.

For every start of a journey, there must be an end. His journey has sadly come to an end on earth.

Nathaniel, affectionately known as Lokkie, had Down syndrome and was in the junior class at Don Mattera school. He was a friendly child that loved to make jokes and dance.

Nathaniel’s step-father, Clint Smith, explained that after the family finished eating dinner, around 8.30pm, Nathaniel, who was always the first to finish his food, went outside to get biscuits next door.

There were other boys playing nearby who wanted to take his biscuits, so Nathaniel ran to hide behind a truck. Smith said police then went to where Nathaniel was hiding.

Eyewitnesses told Smith that police were talking to Nathaniel, asking what he was doing there, but because he had Down syndrome, he couldn’t talk to them to explain why he was hiding.

Eyewitness accounts then point to a policeman getting out of his car, walking towards Nathaniel, and shooting him once in the chest.

“When we heard the shot here we thought it was crackers,” Smith said.

When Smith went outside to see what had happened, one of his friends ran past and told him they had shot Lokkie.

A shocked Smith then ran back inside to call his wife, and ran to the scene. During this time, a police van was seen speeding past.

“My son was already in the police van. They threw him in the back of the van.”

According to a family friend, Lizell Ponsonby, there were two police vans, one with Lokkie in it, and the other colleagues of the alleged shooter. Ponsonby said she stopped the first van to ask where they were taking Nathaniel.

A police officer told her “Bara”, and then “fire station”, which Ponsonby believes was intentionally misleading so that police had enough time to take Nathaniel to Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital without the family present.

Nathaniel was taken to hospital by police, where doctors pronounced him dead on arrival.

According to Ponsonby, who spoke to the doctors at the hospital, the police officers said Nathaniel was shot in a gang fight. According to her, police simply dropped him off at the hospital and drove away.

“They’re trying to hide the fact, they’re telling people he was still alive. The doctor told me there was nothing they could do for him, and that police just dropped him off at the hospital, said he was in a gang fight, and left,” she explained.

The family is seeking justice.

“I have eight kids. He was a special child. No one will ever fill the void I have right now,” said Nathaniel’s overwrought mother, Bridget Harris.

“I’m going to miss the smells, the greetings. Who’s going to greet us, whose going to tease us, laugh us out, make jokes and dance for us again.”

Harris said she would miss Lokkie most in the mornings, saying part of his morning routine after he woke up was to ask her: “Mommy, I want my shoes on, I want to go.”

She added: “I never knew yesterday would be the last… His plate of food was the last I saw him.”

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Friends, Family and loved ones are extremely sad and currently grieving as the news of his decease was made known.

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The family are yet to make public the obituary and funeral arrangements. We also not aware if any GoFundMe was created by the family or friends of the deceased at the time of this publication.

This post will be updated with more information as they are made available and public.

It is with incredible sadness and heavy hearts that we announce that our friend and colleague has passed away. Celebrate his life, leave a kind word for him. Friends, Family and Loved ones has poured out their grieve and condolence to honor the passing away of the deceased.