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Nevan Baker is a 22-year-old black man found dead on Sunday, October 3rd at 03:45 in Barker Park near Camping World Stadium hanging from a rope from a tree.

Professional Information

Nevan Baker’s professional information is unknown at the moment. We will update you as soon as we have the details in full.

Surviving Families

He is survived by his Mother and other family members. This young man is the nephew of one of the founding members of Let Your Voice Be heard, Khing X Surpreme aka Zulu Dynasty. His family does NOT BELIEVE he would commit suicide and annoys who knows Zulu or his family knows that they know what they’re talking about.


“I’m not done with this situation; Baker’s mother, Sharhonda James, is just getting started.” “No one in this community will stand it.” The Medical Examiner’s autopsy report was not complete. James saw his body in the morgue, including a swelling in his nose, bumps on his forehead, and a misaligned jaw. Sentinel has no intention of posting the photos.

My son didn’t hang himself, James said. “I know my child,” James asked OPD to allow him to see all the photos or videos of his body from the crime scene and the night his son died, but they were not given.

“We won’t let this go; the community won’t let it go,” James said. He said he had no reason to believe that his son had committed suicide.

James described his son as a “gentle spirit” who graduated from Jones High. She lived with her and her grandmother in their home, not far from Barker Park, and said they only saw her hours before she was found dead. He also said that at this point he did not rely on OPD to conduct a comprehensive investigation into his death.

Cause of Death

This young black 22 year old brother, Nevan Baker, was found HUNG from this tree at Barkers Park on Tuesday night in Orlando, FL. Orlando Police Department has immediately ruled it a suicide despite pictures sent to me by the family of this young man in the funeral home with APPARENT BRUISES AND SWELLING ON HIS FACE AND A MISSING TOOTH ON HIS BOTTOM ROW OF TEETH THAT WAS NOT MISSING BEFORE THIS INCIDENT. He appears beaten! On top of that he is 6’1 and was found with only 5 foot of rope from a tree that is impractical to climb and set up a noose from all by yourself. The police claim he jumped from the gate pictured below even though it is extremely short and state that is enough to rule it a suicide. There were claims that his hands may have been behind his back when he was found by a person passing through the park but we cannot substantiate them yet.

Funeral Service & GoFundme

Funeral services will be made known as soon as it is being updated. A GoFundMe was created to help Neva organize a funeral. Donations exceeded $ 4,000 by Friday, October 9. GoFundMe, founded by Baker’s sister, said death left his family with “many questions.” He wrote that his brother was “a good boy with a desire to become an electrician.”

To make donations for his funeral services on an official GoFundMe by the family , please visit #SHARE